Judge Judy Sheindlin: I’m ‘still relevant’ with new ‘Judy Justice’ streaming show

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“Judge Judy” continues to regularisation the syndicated ratings roost — successful repeats — adjacent arsenic Judy Sheindlin debuts her caller tribunal show, “Judy Justice,” premiering Monday (Nov. 1) connected Amazon Prime’s IMDb TV streaming platform.

“Viewers tin inactive drawback maine astatine 4 o’clock, with my aged hair,” Sheindlin, 79, told The Post. “And the past clip I looked, ‘Judge Judy’ was the number-one programme successful syndication successful daytime television. If we tin bring fractional of that 8 million-viewer assemblage with america [to ‘Judy Justice’] that’s terrific.

“The information is, I deliberation that my story, which I started 26 years agone aft spending 40 years successful the household court, is inactive relevant.”

No statement there. Sheindlin moves into “Judy Justice” not lone with a huge, built-in instrumentality base, but with caller faces assisting her successful the courtroom — including her granddaughter, Sarah Rose, who volition beryllium the show’s instrumentality clerk. She’s joined by stenographer Whitney Kumar and bailiff Kevin Rasco, a erstwhile probation serviceman who’s worked with Sheindlin for a fig of years.

“Whitney turned retired to beryllium a genuinely fantastic find. She’s talented and pleasant to look astatine and she’s got an upbeat property and is truthful blessed to beryllium progressive successful a caller adventure. She’s joined with a mates of kids and has a beauteous husband,” Sheindlin said. “Kevin has been my information for years — each greeting helium came retired and looked astir to marque definite determination were nary miscreants floating astir who wanted to wounded maine — and he’s a joyousness to beryllium around.

“He has a large grin connected his look and is conscionable lively and intelligent … helium watched and listened for 5 oregon six years and he’s thrilled astatine this caller opportunity.”

 Sarah Rose, Whitney Kumar and Kevin Rasco.Judith Sheindlin with the “Judy Justice” unit (from left): instrumentality clerk Sarah Rose, stenographer Whitney Kumar and bailiff Kevin Rasco. It premieres Monday, Nov. 1 connected IMDb TV.

Sheindlin said she “instinctively knew” that her granddaughter Sarah, who volition postgraduate from instrumentality schoolhouse successful the spring, would beryllium close for “Judy Justice.”

“Her aunt was visiting her and I said, ‘Let your aunt enactment you connected portion and fto her inquire you questions. Sit successful an official-looking seat and enactment connected a achromatic suit, this is not a bathing-suit [audition],” Sheindlin said. “Then we decided [that] I would inquire her questions, conscionable truthful that the radical connected the different extremity could spot that she is articulate, good-looking, youthful … what you privation from a clerk connected a [court] program. She was ne'er frightened of the camera and she’s gotten much comfortable. She adjacent disagreed with a determination I made and I said, ‘I tin spot your broadside of the equation,’ which is simply a large leap for me.

“She’s a third-generation lawyer successful our family. She’s astute and she’s got a small snark successful her, which is perfect.”

Photo showing "Judy Justice" instrumentality    clerk Sarah Rose posing and smiling.Sarah Rose is Judith Sheindlin’s granddaughter and the instrumentality clerk for “Judy Justice.”Michael Becker/IMDb TV

“Judy Justice” shoots successful LA (Culver City) and features a new, agleam set. “I changed up the robe,” Sheindlin said. “I went to the colour committee and said, ‘What looks bully connected me? What volition bespeak the airy connected my face? And I besides deliberation the caller collar [on the robe] is simply a small much modern.”

“Judy Justice” volition premiere connected IMDb TV (free to Amazon Prime subscribers) with 4 episodes; caller episodes volition beryllium disposable each weekday thereafter.

“It’s a caller amusement [and] you tin lone bash truthful much,” she said. “If you spell into a theatre you’re going to spot comedy, drama, a ballet … you cognize what you’re expecting, and erstwhile you spell to a tribunal amusement … you beauteous overmuch cognize what to expect. Truthfully, it’s [the show’s] execution and its person and who’s presenting the case.

“It’s truly nary antithetic for maine from what I’ve been doing but radical volition beryllium capable to prime up their phones and iPads and watercourse it connected the go. I honestly don’t cognize what the aboriginal of daytime broadcasting is during the afternoon. There’s truthful overmuch retired determination … but I conscionable person the feeling that radical are demanding that amusement travel to them alternatively than the different mode around.”

Sheindlin said she ne'er contemplated retiring aft leaving “Judge Judy” behind.

“To what? For what? I similar to work. I find that my humor unit is champion erstwhile I enactment due to the fact that I deliberation it’s conscionable arsenic challenging to find thing that gives you fulfillment, thing to bash if you inactive person energy,” she said. “As agelong arsenic I near ‘Judge Judy’ aft a quarter-century connected top, which I did … it conscionable felt perfect, and past connected to different escapade with a large institution wherever I had different twelvemonth to deliberation astir it.

“You’re truly expected to cognize erstwhile to accidental goodbye, but if you haven’t gotten that connection yet, and you emotion what you do, support doing it.

“Why not?!”