Juice WRLD & Justin Bieber Confront Their Demons In New Song ‘Wandered To LA’

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December 3, 2021 12:19AM EST

Nearly 2 years aft the decease of Juice WRLD, the rapper’s bequest continues to radiance bright, and helping support his tone live is Justin Bieber connected Juice’s caller track.

December 8, 2021 marks 2 years since the satellite mislaid Juice WRLD to an accidental overdose. Two days pursuing this bittersweet anniversary, his property volition driblet Fighting Demons, his 2nd posthumous album, and fans got a sensation contiguous (Dec. 3) with “Wandered To LA.” In the caller song, Juice (born Jarad Higgins) teams up with Justin Bieber to face their demons, singing astir substance issues and intelligence health.

“I wandered to LA hopin’ to explore, little did I know, I’d find a small more,” helium sings. “Love astatine my edifice country door, from the furniture to the edifice country floor.” Later, helium touches connected substance issues and intelligence health. “Maybe it’s the love, possibly it’s the drugs, possibly it’s due to the fact that my woman is the plug,” helium sings, aboriginal adding, “She loves drugs, she goes hardcore, she’s hidin’ from the truth, wrong of the rug . . . you spot the shade connected her beforehand porch, you spot the humor astatine her beforehand door.”

“Wandered to LA” comes 3 weeks aft “Already Dead,” the archetypal azygous from Fighting Demons. That was a opus fans were demanding for years. Juice WRLD archetypal previewed the way connected his Instagram successful 2018, per Genius. After his passing successful 2019, immoderate thought the opus had been lost. However, successful March 2021, Lil Bibby – the manager of Juice’s label, Grade A Productions – tweeted a snippet of the track, on with the message, “I volition find it and it volition beryllium connected the album.” A fewer months later, Juice’s co-manager Peter Jideonwo confirmed that the way had been discovered. “Bibby recovered Already Dead!!!” helium posted to Instagram. “The opus is astir apt going to beryllium connected the album. This is the opus everyone wants and now, we volition yet get it.”

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Two years since Juice WRLD’s accidental overdose, “Already Dead” showed an creator struggling with intelligence wellness and substance issues. “ You tin spot the symptom successful my laugh,” helium raps connected the chorus. “Demons comin’ backmost from the past / Feelin’ similar I’m ’bout to relapse / Voices successful my caput / All I tin perceive them accidental / Is everyone wants maine dormant / Bitch, I’m already dead.”

Fighting Demons — once thought to beryllium called The Party Never Ends — is the follow-up to Juice’s archetypal posthumous album, 2020’s Legends Never Die. Juice’s mother, Carmela Wallace, announced connected Nov. 11 that the medium would get successful aboriginal December, soon aft the two-year day of his death. “There was thing Jarad ‘Juice WRLD’ Higgins enjoyed much than delivering caller euphony to his millions of fans astir the world,” she said successful a statement, per Rolling Stone. “He near down an astonishingly heavy catalog of euphony that volition guarantee his fans volition person caller songs to perceive to for years to come. Jarad was ever searingly honorable astir his struggles and done his philharmonic genius, helium articulated what was connected his bosom and caput vividly done his art. He ne'er gave up and his friends and household ne'er gave up connected offering their enactment to him.”

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2021 volition adjacent retired with much Juice WRLD. HBO announced the merchandise dates for the caller slate of films successful its Music Box series, per Pitchfork. This circular of documentaries volition screen Alanis Morissette, DMX, Kenny G, Juice, and Robert Stigwood, the antheral down Saturday Night Fever. Juice’s documentary, Juice WRLD: Into the Abyss, volition premiere connected December 16. It volition beryllium the past documentary to air, pursuing Jagged (Nov. 18) DMX: Don’t Try to Understand (Nov. 25), Listening to Kenny G (Dec. 2), and Mr. Saturday Night (Dec. 9).