Kansas Gov. Kelly Vetoes Bill Curbing Power to Mandate Masks, Vaccine Passports

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Democratic Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly connected Friday vetoed a measure to bounds the powerfulness of authorities wellness officials to mandate measures for contagious diseases, including look masks and vaccine passports.

Kelly said the measure went beyond COVID-19 and would considerably bounds authorities effect to immoderate infectious illness outbreak.

Senate Bill 34, brought by the Republican-controlled Legislature, sought to curb the powerfulness of authorities agencies arsenic good arsenic authorities and section wellness officials successful effect to COVID-19 mandates imposed during the pandemic.

Amendments to the Kansas Emergency Management Act would prohibit the mandating of protective disguise requirements (pdf), but for hospitals and different aesculapian facilities, including nursing homes.

Officials and authorities entities would besides not beryllium capable to necessitate COVID-19 vaccine passports for immoderate intent wrong the state.

The measure would besides require judicial reappraisal of definite exigency actions to hap without unreasonable hold and limit the powers of the caput of wellness and situation related to enforcement of quarantine and pupil inoculation requirements.

In vetoing the bill, Kelly said it posed “significant information concerns” for workers, employers, and the economy.

“I person consistently opposed vaccine passports and mandating immoderate COVID-19 vaccination. However, this measure goes beyond COVID-19 and implements a one-size-fits-all attack for each infectious diseases. It importantly limits immoderate authorities entity’s effect to immoderate infectious illness outbreak,” she said successful a veto message.

The vetoed bill, she said, would mean that schools, businesses, and the cultivation assemblage could not adequately respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases specified arsenic measles, tuberculosis, oregon avian flu.

“We person a work to support our critically important cultivation manufacture and the farmers and ranchers who provender the nation,” Kelly said.

“We request to beryllium prepared for what’s down the roadworthy to champion support Kansans. This measure puts the information of each Kansans and our system astatine risk,” she added.

The bill, which struggled to walk past month, would besides prohibit instrumentality enforcement officers from enforcing orders from authorities and section wellness officials.

GOP leaders faced an uphill conflict to triumph enactment for the measure successful some houses, with immoderate Republicans reportedly identifying immoderate unintended consequences.

Senate Bill 34 would besides prohibit the wellness caput from mandating inoculations arsenic a request for first-time enrolment astatine schools, preschools, oregon daycare programs operated by a schoolhouse without afloat FDA approval.

Kelly has in the past opposed President Joe Biden’s request that businesses with 100 oregon much employees get the COVID-19 vaccine oregon taxable to regular testing.

She has spoken successful support of a measurement to unit businesses that necessitate COVID-19 vaccination to springiness wide exceptions to workers who don’t privation to get the vaccine.

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