Kat McNamara Excited To ‘Revamp’ Mia Smoak’s Story In ‘The Flash’s Epic Crossover

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November 5, 2021 4:42PM EDT

Katherine McNamara volition beryllium reprising her relation arsenic fan-favorite Mia Smoak successful the upcoming ‘Armageddon’ lawsuit connected ‘The Flash.’ She revealed EXCLUSIVELY connected the HollywoodLife Podcast what to expect from Mia’s return.

Mia Smoak is backmost successful the game! Kat McNamara is returning to the relation she originated connected Arrow for Armageddon crossover event, the 5-episode peculiar lawsuit that is kicking off The Flash’s eighth play starting November 16. For Katherine, getting the accidental to play a quality she thought she’d said goodbye to was imagination travel true.

Katherine McNamaraKatherine McNamara plays Mia Smoak, the girl of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. (The CW)

“I was ecstatic. I truly didn’t cognize overmuch astir it for a agelong time,” Kat admitted connected the HollywoodLife Podcast portion discussing her concern with Alcon connected their See What Happens campaign. “When they archetypal reached retired and said, ‘Hey, would you ever beryllium funny successful coming backmost arsenic Mia Smoak?’ I said, ‘Yes. When bash you request me? I’ll beryllium determination successful 2 hours.’ She’s a quality that means truthful overmuch to me, and they took specified bully attraction of her. I really, truly ne'er thought I’d get to spell back, and I’m truthful gladsome that I person the accidental to revamp her communicative a small spot and bring her backmost to life, and hopefully lend immoderate accusation to immoderate of the questions that radical have.”

Has Mia changed overmuch since the past clip we saw her? Kat weighed in: “I can’t accidental much, but successful existent Mia and Green Arrow fashion, she’s decidedly driven by her ain impulses and by her ain consciousness of justice, and by her request to fulfill the promises she made to Oliver and to effort and fulfill her father’s bequest and transportation it connected successful a mode that would marque him proud. But besides clasp connected to those bits of household that she has left. It truly tin beryllium a conflict for idiosyncratic who has a hard clip with vulnerability and who has a hard clip with letting others successful to help. That’s not needfully Mia’s fort. It’s decidedly interesting, but getting to travel backmost and deterioration the suit again… The unit is amazing, and it’s truthful overmuch amusive to conscionable beryllium backmost successful that household again.”

The actress admitted that she wanted to “plant arsenic galore Easter Eggs arsenic I could” during her quality successful the crossover. “Different elements that we planted, peculiarly successful the aviator and the last occurrence of Arrow, I wanted to necktie successful arsenic overmuch of that arsenic possible,” she added. “We recovered ways to bash that were scripted and immoderate that are conscionable ocular and otherwise. My caput was blown conscionable for my archetypal speech with Eric Wallace, who’s the showrunner implicit determination at The Flash. His enthusiasm astatine Mia’s quality and bringing her backmost and continuing her communicative successful a truly amusive and absorbing mode I was instantly inspired by. I worked with the writers, and they already had specified a large essence of who Mia was. Together, we answered a fewer questions and recovered immoderate small things to propulsion successful there.”

Katherine McNamaraKatherine McNamara with Katie Cassidy and Juliana Hargavy. (The CW/Everett Collection)

Getting to enactment connected Mia’s suit again proved to beryllium an affectional infinitesimal for Katherine. “I retrieve putting the suit connected again successful my archetypal fitting back, and I teared up a small spot due to the fact that it conscionable felt right,” she told HollywoodLife. “You consciousness similar you’re home, and you conscionable abruptly consciousness arsenic though you’re successful the close spot for the archetypal clip successful 2 years.”

The Arrow spinoff,  Green Arrow and the Canaries, did not determination guardant astatine The CW. Similar to the Armageddon event, Kat is “always open” to bringing backmost the quality of Mia Smoak. “Again, Mia and her communicative and her satellite and the Green Arrow itself, it’s thing that I cared profoundly about,” she said. “I would emotion and beryllium honored to proceed to beryllium capable to play her and bring her communicative to life. I ever accidental this astir The CW and astir Warner Bros. and DC and each of that, if you’re not dead, and sometimes adjacent if you are, there’s a mode to travel back. So if they volition person me, I americium unfastened to shooting arrows with them anytime.”