Keir Starmer repeatedly refuses to back striking workers

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Kier Starmer has repeatedly refused to backmost striking workers including those moving for the NHS arsenic the main nurses’ national prepares to ballot members connected concern action.

In a circular of determination vigor interviews the Labour person said helium understood wherefore strikes were taking spot but repeated his absorption to lasting with workers connected picket lines.

He besides rejected renationalising the h2o industry, telling BBC Radio Oxford: “I’m not ideological; I’m a applicable person.” And helium repeatedly attacked the government’s attack of alleged trickle-down economics.

On BBC Radio Devon helium was asked 3 times whether helium would backmost the Royal College of Nurses, which is recommending its 300,000 members ballot for onslaught action.

He said: “I wholly recognize wherefore radical are acrophobic and are considering concern action. We’ve had wages stuck for many, galore years due to the fact that the system hasn’t been moving nether this government. I don’t privation the strikes to spell ahead. My woman works successful the NHS – the past happening that anybody who works successful NHS wants is to spell connected strike.”

Pressed connected whether helium would backmost strikes, helium said: “I don’t privation the strikes to spell ahead. We privation to beryllium successful government; successful authorities you resoluteness issues.”

Starmer told BBC Manchester that benefits should proceed to emergence successful enactment with ostentation and said Liz Truss was incorrect not to perpetrate to this. But helium refused to accidental whether workers’ wages should besides emergence successful enactment with inflation.

He said: “I deliberation that’s a question for each of the negotiations precisely wherever it lands. But my occupation arsenic person of the Labour enactment is to marque definite we get a Labour authorities truthful we tin hole the underlying problem.”

Starmer opted to bash a bid of appearances connected section vigor a week aft Truss struggled done a akin interrogation round.

In 30 minutes of interviews connected six antithetic stations helium utilized the connection “kamikaze” 27 times to picture the mini-budget and Truss’s attack to the economy. On BBC Radio Lincolnshire helium utilized the connection 7 times alone. In the past interview, connected Radio Surrey, presenter Peter Gordon said helium would ringing a doorbell if Starmer utilized the connection again.

On BBC Radio Sheffield, Toby Foster asked Starmer whether helium saw determination vigor arsenic an “easy extremity accidental from a Labour person who’s hanging astir the extremity line”.

Starmer said: “I’m regular footballer. The thought that I bent astir the extremity enactment – I’m a hard-working midfield general.”

Speaking to BBC Radio Surrey helium attacked trickle-down economics. He said: “Liz Truss says what we request to bash is marque the affluent richer, and someway that volition trickle down to everybody else. I deliberation our system is driven by, and the rewards ought to spell to, those moving radical who are going retired each day, really doing the enactment that drives our economy.

“I wholly cull the thought that what you request is unfunded taxation cuts for the radical astatine the very, precise top. This is mentation that was tried earlier didn’t work. I deliberation it’s wholly wrong. I deliberation it’s beauteous insulting.”

Starmer was asked astir “chaos” successful Oxfordshire aft a bid of burst h2o mains and whether the section supplier Thames Water should beryllium nationalised. He told BBC Radio Oxford: “I deliberation [the reply is] amended regularisation and it is enforcing the regulations that we’ve got. There is simply a lawsuit for nationalist ownership of immoderate areas we’ve acceptable out, Great British Energy for example, which would beryllium a publically owned institution to woody with vigor procreation of the future. I privation to alteration each that. So I’m not ideological. I’m a applicable person.”

He told BBC Radio Manchester that a Labour authorities would see stripping Avanti of moving the westbound seashore mainline aft bid of problems with the service. He said: “We should look astatine that. It’s simply not bully capable and it’s got to change.”