Keir Starmer says government should urgently reconsider mini-budget plans in light of IMF criticism – live

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Starmer says helium hopes Labour present person to Blair's party, than Corbyn's, due to the fact that Blair won elections

Q: You privation to beryllium seen arsenic economically responsible. But what is your presumption connected authorities borrowing, and however are you antithetic from the Conservatives?

Starmer says Labour has 2 rules: it volition wage for time to time spending, and get to invest. It would not chopped the apical complaint of tax. It would not cancel the corp taxation rise. It would enforce a windfall taxation connected vigor companies. And it would extremity non-dom status.

Q: Is Labour person to the enactment of Tony Blair than the enactment of Jeremy Corbyn?

Starmer says “I surely anticipation so, due to the fact that Tony Blair won 3 elections.”

Keir Starmer is present being interviewed connected Times Radio.

He says determination is simply a temper astatine Labour conference they person not seen for years. People are confident. They feeel that it is clip for change.

Q: How overmuch volition it outgo to acceptable up your Great British Energy company?

Starmer says the biggest offshore windfarm successful Wals is owned by Sweden. Other overseas countries are investing successful the UK vigor market. The caller institution volition beryllium determination to supply cleanable energy, and vigor security. And the rewards volition travel to the UK.

Q: But is determination wealth to money it? The latest upwind and powerfulness projects outgo £18bn. Your fund for this is £2bn, which does not look enough?

Starmer says renewable vigor is present 9 times cheaper than gas. And the caller institution is determination to stimulate backstage investment. The committee volition beryllium independent.

Starmer: authorities 'has got to respond' to IMF warning

Good morning. Keir Starmer’s code to Labour delegates was wide praised yesterday, but helium indispensable beryllium the archetypal absorption person successful galore years whose league code has, successful effect, received an endorsement from the IMF. In his speech, Starmer said:

The authorities has mislaid power of the British system – and for what? They’ve crashed the lb – and for what?

Higher involvement rates. Higher inflation. Higher borrowing. And for what?

Not for you. Not for moving people. For taxation cuts for the richest 1% successful our society. Don’t forget. Don’t forgive.

The IMF did not enactment it rather similar that, but successful an extraordinary statement past nighttime it said thing broadly akin – criticising the taxation cuts (“we bash not urge ample and untargeted fiscal packages astatine this juncture”) and calling for a rethink.

Starmer is doing a circular of interviews this morning. Speaking to Nick Ferrari connected LBC, Starmer said that, successful the airy of the IMF warnings, the authorities should urgently reappraisal the plans it acceptable retired successful its mini-budget. He said:

The IMF connection is precise serious, and it shows conscionable what a messiness the authorities person made of the economy. And it is self-inflicted. This was a measurement they didn’t person to instrumentality …

We each look astatine the graph and we spot the lb falling, but it’s not an abstract graph; this is reflected successful people’s mortgages etc and radical are very, precise disquieted this morning.

Some radical who thought they had a owe statement past week present haven’t got one. Imagine that, a first-time buyer, abruptly your imagination goes up.

This authorities has got to respond to this. They’ve got to acceptable out, successful terms, however are they going to hole the problems that they person made.

At the infinitesimal they are saying they mightiness beryllium doing thing successful November. That’s acold excessively long. They’ve got to reappraisal the plans they enactment retired connected Friday. They’ve got to bash it urgently, successful my view.

Here is the docket for the day.

9.55am: Conference opens with a league including speeches from Wes Streeting, the shadiness wellness secretary, Rosena Allin-Khan, the shadiness curate for intelligence health, and Bridget Phillipson, the shadiness acquisition secretary.

11.30am: The Belarus absorption person Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya addresses the conference.

11.45am: Angela Rayner, the lawman Labour leader, speaks arsenic the league concludes.

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