Kenya: more than 20 drown as bus is swept away in flooded river

1 month ago 26

More than 20 radical drowned connected Saturday erstwhile a autobus travelling to a wedding successful Kenya was swept distant by fast-flowing waters arsenic it tried to transverse a flooded river.

Onlookers screamed arsenic the yellowish schoolhouse autobus hired to instrumentality a religion choir and different revellers to the ceremonial successful Kitui County keeled implicit and sank arsenic the operator tried to navigate the surging waters.

Some aboard the stricken autobus managed to flight earlier the conveyance was rapidly submerged, and were helped to safety.

“We person this terrible, unspeakable mishap that happened present this morning,” Kitui politician Charity Ngilu told reporters. “The bodies that person already been retrieved close present are implicit 23.

“We person much bodies successful the bus,” she said, adding that efforts to retrieve the corpses would resume connected Sunday morning.

She said 12 radical had been rescued, including 4 children.

It remains unclear however galore passengers were aboard the autobus erstwhile it tipped into the Enziu River, astir 125 miles (200km) eastbound of the superior Nairobi.

Witnesses said the operator had stopped to negociate the stream and was adjacent to the different broadside erstwhile the autobus was swept beneath the churning currents.

Deputy president William Ruto was among those to widen his condolences and besides urged motorists to use other caution connected the roads with galore parts of Kenya experiencing dense rain.