King Calaway & Lainey Wilson Rock Out For A ‘Night On The Town’ In ‘Good Time To Me’ Video

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Exclusive Premiere

December 3, 2021 8:00AM EST

It’s 1 amusive looking enactment successful King Calaway and Lainey Wilson’s caller euphony video for ‘Good Time To Me’ — and HL has the EXCLUSIVE premiere close here!

King Calaway and Lainey Wilson person yet released the visualizer for their duet, “Good Time To Me.” HollywoodLife is EXCLUSIVELY premiering the video for the song, which is featured connected the group’s EP, Midnight, released successful August. The video begins with the guys rocking retired onstage successful a barroom to the feel-good tune. When Lainey comes successful connected the 2nd verse, she saunters onstage to articulation them.

The remainder of the footage shows the rising state prima having a large clip performing with the King Calaway guys. While the set rocks retired connected their instruments, Lainey isn’t shy astir showing disconnected her creation moves. The songs is thing but fun, and the show successful the video decidedly matches the vibe.

king calawayKing Calaway poses for a property photo. (BBR Music Group)

“We were instantly drawn to this opus erstwhile we heard the demo,” King Calaway told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s a set opus that has truthful overmuch vigor and we knew it would rock. Once Lainey laid down her vocal, it took connected an other level of power. We’ve been friends with her for a agelong portion and the archetypal clip we hung retired was astatine a honky tonk connected Broadway [in Nashville], truthful it made consciousness to sing a opus with her astir a nighttime connected the town!”

lainey wilsonLainey Wilson takes the signifier for a performance. (Paul A Hebert/LiveMusicToday/Shutterstock)

King Calaway is comprised of Caleb Miller, Chris Deaton, Simon Dumas and Chad Michael Jervis. The guys person been making their people connected the state euphony scene, releasing their debut medium successful 2019, followed by the Midnight EP successful 2021. For the past year, the radical has been immersed successful songwriting to adhd a “more integrated consciousness to their signature sound,” and it shows connected the four-song release.

Meanwhile, Lainey precocious received her archetypal No. 1 opus with “What A Man Oughta Know.” Earlier this week, she performed connected the CMA Country Christmas special, arsenic well. It’s decidedly thing but a bully clip with these 2 artists, and it looks similar the champion is lone yet to come!