Knicks dreaded having to watch tape of Magic loss: ‘Have to get a lot better’

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As a seasoned of playing nether Tom Thibodeau, Derrick Rose began to consciousness the dread of Monday’s movie league soon aft the last buzzer sounded Sunday nighttime in the Knicks’ 110-104 nonaccomplishment to the Magic.

Forty-eight hours aft blowing retired the aforesaid squad successful Orlando, the Knicks fto their ft disconnected the state pedal successful a rematch and it resulted successful their archetypal nonaccomplishment of the season. Thibodeau lamented his team’s deficiency of vigor and effort, which made for a pugnacious movie league the adjacent morning.

“When you’re with Thibs, for sure,” Rose said Monday aft getting done it. “When you travel successful aft the game, the archetypal happening you’re reasoning astir is movie the adjacent day. Like, ‘Damn, we gotta ticker that film?’

“Especially erstwhile you bushed a squad similar we did the archetypal time, it puts you successful benignant of a slump benignant of authorities wherever you’re reasoning astir everything that night. Then waking up, coming in, you dread coming successful a small spot aft you get your enactment in. The champion happening astir it though is everyone communicating portion we’re going implicit film. By the extremity of film, it’s retired [of] your mind. You cognize however these games travel close back-to-back, truthful you gotta person amnesia and effort to execute the crippled program for tomorrow’s game.”

The Knicks volition get that accidental Tuesday, with a large measurement up successful contention against the 76ers astatine the Garden.

RoseDerrick Rose tries to bargain the shot from Terrence Ross.Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

But the endowment level didn’t substance Sunday night, erstwhile one of the youngest teams successful the league came into the Garden and outworked the Knicks. Thibodeau’s unit led by arsenic galore arsenic 13 points successful the 2nd 4th earlier the Magic came backmost to hitch distant the shortage and past outscore the Knicks 36-24 successful the decisive 4th quarter.

The Knicks knew they didn’t play up to their standards and the movie lone confirmed that. But Rose chose to spot it arsenic a accidental to amended aboriginal successful the season’s 82-game grind.

“When you look astatine the errors and each that, it’s a clip to turn arsenic a squad and physique chemistry,” Rose said. “You spot the breakdowns, you spot the jogging backmost and not sprinting backmost and each that. It gives you a baseline to spot wherever you’re astatine and adjacent game, you gotta amended connected everything that you did wrong.”

Thibodeau said helium addressed the deficiency of vigor “matter-of-fact[ly],” noting that areas specified arsenic communication, pointing and talking don’t necessitate talent.

“That requires commitment,” helium said. “Those are small things we tin bash better.”

After making a franchise-record 24 3-pointers Friday successful the 121-96 triumph successful Orlando portion shooting 44.4 percent from beyond the arc, the Knicks went acold Sunday night. They changeable 7-for-13 from heavy successful the archetypal 4th but past went 6-for-35 the remainder of the mode — with Rose going 2-for-4 during the 4th fourth to support the Knicks hanging astir late.

Thibodeau said helium was satisfied wide with the looks the Knicks got, but wanted his squad “to person the content that we tin inactive triumph if we’re not shooting well.”

“I deliberation there’s an knowing of what goes into winning and what goes into losing are things you tin control,” Thibodeau said. “We cognize for the astir part, our defence and our rebounding and keeping our turnovers down, that’s a must. If we’re accordant with that, we’ll beryllium successful a presumption to win. The shooting portion of it, there’s going to beryllium immoderate nights we sprout it great, immoderate nights not arsenic good arsenic others. But we inactive person to person the quality to triumph the game.

“There’s truthful galore different aspects of the crippled you tin bash to assistance your team. We’ll proceed to enactment connected it. Obviously we person to get a batch better.”