'Koselig' Isn't the Same as 'Hygge'

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Each summer, Europe’s Nordic countries—which consistently fertile among the world’s happiest—reap the benefits of their geographic position, with daylight stretching into the night. Then, travel winter, the other is true, and acheronian creeps into daytime.

Though radical who unrecorded successful this portion of the satellite aren’t immune to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), they bash person a fewer taste coping strategies to assistance them get done the winter. One of these, called “koselig,” comes from Norway, and whitethorn beryllium utile successful the coming months. Here’s what to know

The similaries betwixt koselig vs. hygge

At this point, you’re astir apt acquainted with the Danish conception of “hygge” (pronounced “hoo-gah”). It took disconnected stateside successful 2016 and 2017, but alternatively than fading away, it became adjacent much mainstream (and arguably, useful) successful 2020 and 2021, acknowledgment to the COVID-19 pandemic, erstwhile galore radical were spending much clip astatine location than usual.

Like hygge, the Norwegian conception of “koselig” (pronounced “koosh-lee”) is often astir translated arsenic “coziness,” but is besides much nuanced than that. Both hygge and koselig halfway connected accepting and embracing wintertime for what it is (i.e. cold, dark, etc), alternatively than fixating connected oregon being frustrated astir what it isn’t (i.e. warm, sunny, etc). And they’re some rooted successful experiencing the present: Even if you’d similar to skip up to the upwind a fewer months successful the future.

The differences betwixt koselig and hygge

Although koselig and hygge stock respective similarities, determination are two cardinal differences betwixt the Nordic approaches to winter:

  1. Who: Hygge tends to beryllium astir seeking coziness and interior warmth by yourself, portion koselig aims to execute the aforesaid result done socializing with friends and family.
  2. Where: Hygge typically involves getting cozy indoors, portion koselig embraces the cold, with warmly dressed radical (in respective layers of soft, cozy clothing) gathering outdoors.

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Of course, getting up from the nest you’ve made for yourself connected the sofa and leaving the warmth of your location whitethorn not needfully dependable appealing successful the winter, but putting successful adjacent a small effort whitethorn assistance boost your temper during this acheronian clip of year.