Kyle Brandt lays into ‘least authentic person’ Russell Wilson — and wife Ciara

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“Good Morning Football” big Kyle Brandt took a jab astatine Russell Wilson’s woman Ciara during his roast of the Broncos backmost after an disfigured 12-9 nonaccomplishment to the Colts successful overtime connected “Thursday Night Football.”

On the Friday occurrence of the NFL Network show, Brandt voiced an explosive rant astir Wilson — and aboriginal questioned wherefore Wilson and Ciara “think [they’re] that chill and famous” astatine reddish carpet events.

“I deliberation Russell Wilson is 1 of the slightest authentic personalities we person successful this league,” Brandt said. “I deliberation Russell Wilson is simply a poser. I don’t deliberation that makes him a atrocious person, I deliberation he’s a bully person. I deliberation helium tries to beryllium thing that he’s not.

“When you marque the $245 million, you’ve either gotta beryllium a large feline with the locker country who loves you, oregon you’ve gotta beryllium an astonishing player,” Brandt continued, earlier naming different apical quarterbacks that helium said tin propulsion it off. “[Tom] Brady, who makes fractional of what Russell is making, is both. [Aaron] Rodgers, MVP. Patrick Mahomes, both. [Josh] Allen, radical emotion him, he’s amazing. Kyler [Murray], we’ll find out.”

Brandt added the Broncos instrumentality basal has “no past oregon allegiance” erstwhile it comes to Wilson.

The expert past took purpose astatine Wilson and Ciara’s evident rude demeanor connected the reddish carpet astatine the NFL Honors successful February.

“I worked the NFL Honors, I worked the reddish carpet. [Travis] Kelce comes by, Rodgers comes by, Russell Wilson shows up with his sunglasses and his wife, and I deliberation they deliberation they’re Jay-Z and Beyonce and they volition virtually enactment their manus up and accidental ‘No, we’re not talking,’” Brandt recalled.

“Why? Because you deliberation you’re that chill and you’re that celebrated and you’re that astonishing and everything is truthful perfect. That does not enactment successful the locker country unless you’re truly bully oregon a really, truly bully guy. It conscionable doesn’t work.”

Russell Wilson and Ciara be  the 11th Annual NFL Honors astatine  YouTube Theater connected  February 10, 2022 successful  Inglewood, California.  Russell Wilson and Ciara be the 11th Annual NFL Honors astatine YouTube Theater connected February 10, 2022 successful Inglewood, California. Getty Images

Brandt began his rant by calling retired Wilson’s decision-making connected the last play of the game. With the crippled connected the line, Wilson missed a wide-open KJ Hamler, and instead, targeted wideout Courtland Sutton connected a walk that fell incomplete.

Hamler was furious aft the Broncos dropped to 2-3 with the overtime loss, and slammed his helmet connected the crushed successful anger.

“I could person walked in,” Hamler said astir the last play aft the game.

Russell Wilson warms up   earlier  the Broncos' nonaccomplishment   to the Colts connected  Oct. 6, 2022.Russell Wilson warms up earlier the Broncos’ nonaccomplishment to the Colts connected Oct. 6, 2022.USA TODAY Sports

Wilson besides threw 2 interceptions, and the Broncos’ discourtesy went 0-for-4 successful the reddish zone. The backmost told reporters aft the crippled that he’s “got to play better.”

Prior to joining the Broncos, Wilson’s estimation astir the league has been mostly positive, though he was called a “f–kin square” by “The Pivot” podcast’s Channing Crowder successful May.

The nine-time Pro Bowler made the playoffs 8 times successful 10 seasons with the Seahawks, including back-to-back Super Bowl appearances successful 2013 and 2014.

After Seattle traded the backmost to Denver successful a March blockbuster — helium signed a five-year $245 cardinal hold with the Broncos — Wilson has struggled to get the discourtesy going.

Kyle Brandt roasts Broncos backmost   Russell Wilson connected  'Good greeting  Football' connected  Oct. 7, 2022. Kyle Brandt roasts Broncos backmost Russell Wilson connected ‘Good greeting Football’ connected Oct. 7, 2022. Twitter/Kyle Brandt/Good Morning Football

The Broncos present person 11 days until their adjacent crippled connected the road. Denver volition look the Chargers connected “Monday Night Football” successful Week 6.