Kyle Rittenhouse’s Mother ‘Shocked’ Biden Called Her Son a White Supremacist

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The parent of Kyle Rittenhouse connected Thursday said that she was upset by President Joe Biden calling her lad a achromatic supremacist, saying the Democrat defamed the teenager.

“When I saw that I was shocked, I was angry,” Wendy Rittenhouse said during an quality connected Fox News. “President Biden don’t cognize my lad whatsoever. He’s not a achromatic supremacist. He’s not a racist.”

While moving for the presidency past year, Biden shared a video connected societal media with the caption saying that then-President Donald Trump “refused to disavow achromatic supremacists connected the statement signifier past night.”

The video included a photograph of Rittenhouse successful Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“He did that for the votes, and I was truthful aggravated for a portion astatine him and what helium did to my son—he defamed him,” Wendy Rittenhouse said successful the caller interview.

The White House did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

There’s been nary grounds enactment distant successful the nationalist sphere that indicates Rittenhouse holds achromatic supremacist views.

The teen is connected proceedings for shooting 3 achromatic men successful Kenosha amid rioting determination successful August 2020. Two died.

Epoch Times Photo Kyle Rittenhouse speaks to his parent successful Kenosha, Wis., connected Nov. 3, 2021. (Mark Hertzberg/Pool/Getty Images)

Rittenhouse and his defence squad accidental helium acted successful self-defense, noting the men either attacked oregon made to onslaught the teen. Prosecutors accidental Rittenhouse was trigger-happy and shouldn’t person fired upon the men.

Rittenhouse faces up to beingness successful situation if convicted connected the most-serious charge, first-degree homicide. Rittenhouse was besides charged with illegally possessing a limb due to the fact that helium was 17 astatine the time, and reckless endangerment.

Jurors are acceptable to measurement whether to convict him adjacent week pursuing closing arguments.

Wendy Rittenhouse, who has attended the proceedings in-person, said she thought her lad was going to dice erstwhile she watched footage that showed 1 antheral moving to footwear the teen and different pointing a weapon astatine him.

She said her lad has nightmares from what transpired.

The parent besides said she believes Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder, who is presiding implicit the trial, is fair.

Asked astir the jury, she added, “They’ve been keeping a adjacent oculus connected each evidence, each testimony, and they’re paying bully attraction what’s been said that’s the truth.”

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