Kylie’s feats, Italian sweets and a lost TV presenter – take the Thursday quiz

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Thursday seems to travel astir earlier each week, particularly if you’ve acceptable yourself an immovable deadline for penning 15 questions astir wide cognition and topical quality stories. All your favourites are here: Kate Bush, Ron from Sparks, the Olly Murs look masks, and the unexpected anagram round. It is conscionable for fun, determination are nary prizes, but determination are bonus points to beryllium had successful the comments for making the quiz maestro laughter oregon spotting the hidden Doctor Who notation successful this week’s questions. Let america cognize however you get on!

The Thursday quiz, No 28

1.CRYPTO WOE: The creators of a TV programme-themed cryptocurrency launched connected 20 October could person made disconnected with arsenic overmuch arsenic $2.1m aft the token’s crash. What amusement was it based on?

2.WE COME FROM THE LAND OF THE ICE AND SNOW: Scientists person claimed that the Azores successful the Atlantic were settled archetypal not by sailors from Portugal, arsenic agelong believed, but by Vikings. Which carnal did they bring with them that carried a tell-tale familial sign?

3.NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON MOTHER EARTH: That's a 1974 opus by Sparks that warns america ne'er to beryllium tempted by her favours. But that's not important close now. Why person radical been warned astir beaches successful Cumbria this week?

4.COMPARATIVELY SPEAKING: Which of these implicit bangers by goddess of popular Kylie Minogue came retired first?

5.GEOGRAPHICAL IDIOCY: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer sparked overmuch hilarity with a tweet that helium was covering Glasgow's Cop26 league from which Scottish location? Plot twist – it is clip for the angrams

6.POETRY CORNER: John Donne was considered 1 of the finest English poets of his age. Where was helium born?

7.GCSE SCIENCE CORNER: Is Calcium a metal?

8.MAMMA MIA: Ado Campeol died aged 93 astatine his location successful Treviso astatine the weekend. He is wide – though possibly not definitively – credited with inventing which Italian dessert crockery successful 1972?

9.ON THIS DAY: It was connected 4 November 1960 that Dr Jane Goodall made the first-ever technological reflection of the usage of tools by a non-human animal. In which species?

10.MUSIC: Which of these blameworthy pleasures from the quiz master's bureau playlist narrowly missed retired connected a apical 10 cinema container bureau placing past week aft their day performance was shown successful theatres successful the UK?

11.SPORT: It seems that aft the notorious horse-punching incidental astatine the Tokyo Olympics, modern pentathlon is acceptable to regenerate horse-riding with which subject to spell alongside fencing, swimming, shooting and running?

12.GOING IT ALONE: The metropolis of Kingston upon Hull is the lone metropolis successful England that has its ain unsocial institution and web for what, abstracted from the remainder of England?

13.WEIRD CLAIMS TO FAME: The George Hotel successful Kingston upon Hull has a plaque connected it claiming which unsocial achievement?

14.TINTINOLOGY: Which of these, according to definitive root "The Tinitin wiki", is not an oath uttered by Captain Haddock successful the Tintin books?

15.ENSEMBLE CAST: And finally, you interplanetary pirates, arsenic Captain Haddock would say, effort this. René Auberjonois, Colm Meaney and Alexander Siddig were regular formed members connected which Star Trek show?

  • If you bash deliberation determination has been an egregious mistake successful 1 of the questions oregon answers, delight consciousness escaped to email [email protected] but remember, the quiz master’s connection is ever final, particularly astir the respective merits of assorted Star Trek series.