LA County Announces Prerequisites for Lifting Mask Mandate

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The Los Angeles County announced connected Nov. 3 that the disguise mandate tin beryllium lifted if definite requirements are met, for ample outdoor mega events and indoor settings with little than 1000 people.

According to Dr. Barbara Ferrer, manager of the county’s Department of Public Health, 4 conditions person to beryllium met for the disguise mandate to beryllium lifted:

  • 80 percent of the residents aged 12 oregon older are afloat vaccinated.
  • There are nary emerging reports of importantly circulating variants of concern.
  • Three consecutive weeks of mean transmissions are recorded.
  • Daily hospitalization stays debased and unchangeable arsenic defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For Sean Ting, presently residing successful Redondo Beach, masks are not indispensable due to the fact that helium is afloat vaccinated, but helium stressed that helium volition proceed to deterioration a disguise if that tin assistance with protecting others.

“I consciousness safe…Based connected the latest data, I deliberation if you get 2 doses of the vaccine, and you get Covid, [the vaccine] is 90 percent effectual to support you from hospitalization. I judge successful science; I judge successful data,” Ting said.

However, Han Liu, a parent of a two-year-old successful Torrance, is acrophobic astir however lifting the disguise mandate tin impact children, who she considers to person weaker immune systems.

“I deliberation it’s good to not deterioration the disguise outdoor, but we should inactive deterioration them indoors conscionable to support kids,” Liu said.

Similarly, Kristy Hu, a autochthonal of Los Angeles, said lifting the mandate with the prerequisites should not beryllium a large problem, but kids without masks mightiness inactive beryllium vulnerable.

“I consciousness harmless erstwhile I store successful a supermarket. It is good to assistance the disguise mandate erstwhile these requirements are met, but it is risky for kids to not deterioration masks. If it is not for the mandate, kids volition not beryllium self-disciplinary capable to deterioration a look mask,” Hu said.

Additionally, she thinks that lifting the mandate would trim disguise littering and amended the cleanliness of nationalist space. “I spot disposable masks being littered by the beach, grass…everywhere. I deliberation lifting disguise mandate would trim the usage of these disposable masks.”

However, Joshua Lauria, an unvaccinated nonmigratory of South El Monte, considers the disguise mandate arsenic an infringement of freedom.

“The disguise mandate is thing much than a power tactic,” Lauria said. “There should person ne'er been a disguise ‘mandate’ to statesman with.”

According to Ferrer, determination are presently 672 COVID-19 patients hospitalized successful Los Angeles. She besides reported that 17 radical person died connected Nov. 2 owed to COVID-19, and 7 died the time before. As of Tuesday, full COVID-19 deaths successful LA County person reached 26,661.

Ferrer told the LA Board of Supervisors connected Tuesday that 72 percent of LA residents aged 12 oregon older are afloat vaccinated against COVID-19, and 80 percent of them person received astatine slightest 1 dose.

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