LA Port Lingering Container Fee Delayed for the 9th Time in 2 Months

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LOS ANGELES—A good connected lingering containers astatine the Los Angeles ports, which ne'er went into effect since its inception, has been delayed for the ninth clip successful a enactment connected Jan. 14, 1 time aft the Harbor Commission voted 5–0 to widen the play of imposing the good done April 29.

Now the ports volition perchance commencement collecting the good adjacent Friday, Jan. 21, if necessary, according to the announcement.

Since October 2021, harbor commissioners intended to good cargo companies—known arsenic the Container Dwell Fee—to velocity up the removal of containers lingering astatine the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, successful anticipation of eliminating a backlog of ships trying to offload merchandise.

But the ports kept delaying the postulation of good aft noting a important diminution of the lingering cargo—about a 55 percent for some ports combined—since the interest was announced.

“Since the announcement of the interest successful October, import cargo lingering 9 days oregon much has declined by 60 percent astatine the Port of Los Angeles,” the port’s Executive Director Gene Seroka said Thursday. “We’re precise pleased with the progress, which is wherefore the interest has not been enacted. Data volition proceed to beryllium monitored regular arsenic we enactment with our partners to find further efficiencies.”

The fines, if implemented, volition statesman astatine $100 per container, expanding by $100 per instrumentality each day. Containers acceptable to beryllium transported by motortruck oregon obstruction volition incur fines if they stay astatine the larboard for 9 days oregon more.

To date, the enforcement of the good was delayed for 9 times successful 2 months, antecedently connected Nov. 22, Nov. 29, Dec. 6, Dec. 13, Dec. 20, Dec. 27, Jan. 3, and Jan. 10.

Port of Los Angeles officials said erstwhile the argumentation was announced, astir 40 percent of import containers were idling astatine terminals for astatine slightest 9 days.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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