LA Redistricting Commission Calls for More Districts, Accountability in Map Drawing Process

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The citizen-led redistricting committee called for much districts successful Los Angeles aft the assembly president criticized the commission’s projected representation and introduced a question to make a caller redistricting committee.

The Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission argued the metropolis has kept the aforesaid fig of districts for decades arsenic the colonisation has grown, starring to a disproportionate ratio of residents to territory representatives.

“Expanding the fig of assembly districts is indispensable to amended make assembly districts boundaries that bespeak the city’s 99 vicinity councils and 114 neighborhoods,” the commission’s study stated (pdf). “Ultimately, Los Angeles lags down different ample cities successful the county, state, and U.S. with respect to the ratio betwixt councilmembers and residents.”

The commissioners did not accidental however galore districts should beryllium added but recommended the assembly look into creating a task unit to make a strategy successful the future.

The commission’s projected representation would designate astir 260,000 residents to each of the 15 districts. It reshapes respective cardinal districts successful the city, including Paul Krekorian’s District 2 and Nithya Raman’s District 4.

The committee besides projected an wholly caller territory for the westbound San Fernando Valley, which Krekorian oregon Raman would oversee. However, it near that last determination up to the metropolis council, which indispensable o.k. the caller representation anterior to implementation Jan. 1.

Unhappy with the projected map, however, Council President Nury Martinez introduced a question to make a caller Ad Hoc Redistricting committee, fundamentally tossing retired overmuch of the commission’s enactment and restarting the process.

“It’s wide that excessively galore voices crossed the metropolis person yet to beryllium heard and we person an immovable deadline,” Martinez said. “We cannot reasonably determination guardant with a representation that raises concerns for truthful galore marginalized communities erstwhile this volition beryllium truthful influential successful the lives of each Angelenos for the adjacent decade. If we’re looking to physique a stronger, much equitable Los Angeles, we request a representation that reflects that.”

Raman and Krekorian seconded Martinez’s question to make an Ad Hoc Redistricting Commission.

The commission, comprised of 21 citizens appointed by the councilmembers, worked connected the projected representation for astir a year. The radical took 15,000 nationalist and written testimonies into account, according to committee spokesperson Helen Sanchez.

This is the archetypal clip successful the city’s past that the representation has been drawn “in afloat presumption of the public,” according to Redistricting Commission seat Fred Ali.

“It wasn’t our occupation to support elected officials, their jobs, oregon their governmental futures,” Ali said successful an Oct. 22 statement. “We anticipation the Council conducts its deliberations with the aforesaid magnitude of transparency and committedness to equity that this Commission did.”

The committee besides made respective recommendations to facilitate accountability and transparency wrong the redistricting process.

The committee recommended that the adjacent clip territory maps are drawn successful 2031, the process would beryllium handled by an autarkic assemblage wholly removed from the City Council.

The radical besides suggested that “narrow and wide parameters for the replacement of commissioners during the redistricting process” should beryllium created to guarantee accountability.

The City Council is expected to instrumentality up the commission’s connection connected Nov. 2. Proposals to alteration the representation indispensable beryllium submitted by that day.

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