LA Sheriff Warns of Mass Exodus, Imminent Safety Threat From Vaccine Mandate

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The Los Angeles County sheriff slammed the county’s “absolutely absurd” vaccine mandate Oct. 29 for causing a wide exodus of deputies and an imminent nationalist information threat.

A COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees has caused 20–30 percent of the section to leave, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said successful a missive to the Board of Supervisors. Under the mandate, employees had to beryllium afloat vaccinated by Oct 1.

“As a result, homicide rates volition proceed to rise, effect times volition increase, lick rates volition diminish, arrests volition decline, patrol services volition importantly decline, and patrol states volition close,” Villanueva said successful the statement.

Villanueva, who oversees the largest sheriff’s section successful the state with astir 18,000 employees, announced earlier this period helium would not enforce the county’s vaccine mandate successful his agency.

The section whitethorn soon not beryllium capable to support nationalist information astatine existent levels, helium said successful Thursday’s letter, adding that helium could perchance suffer 44 percent of his workforce successful 1 time if helium followed the vaccine mandate.

The departures included unscheduled retirements, idiosyncratic compensation claims, employees quitting, and less qualified applicants.

The mandate would origin patrol work to decline, closure and realignment of patrol stations, and elimination of aero bureaus, peculiar enforcement bureaus, and office detectives, helium said.

Los Angeles County has not restored backing to the section pursuing the “defund instrumentality enforcement movement,” Villaneuva said. As of this week, homicides rates were up 44 percent and aggravated assaults were up 23 percent.

The sheriff is vaccinated and believes it works, but says the prime to get vaccinated is simply a idiosyncratic one.

He said deputies who served the assemblage earlier the vaccine should not beryllium fired due to the fact that “they made a determination astir their ain body.”

President Joe Biden issued the national vaccine mandate by enforcement bid successful August. The mandate allows lone for spiritual and aesculapian exemptions.

The Biden Administration has since been nether occurrence from respective groups seeking an exemption oregon asking for flexibility from the mandate.

Villanueva said his employees are consenting to beryllium terminated alternatively than get vaccinated.

A Washington D.C. territory tribunal justice issued a impermanent injunction Thursday that bars civilian and subject plaintiffs from being fired aft they filed a suit against the White House’s vaccine mandate.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors was not instantly disposable for remark by property time.

Jill McLaughlin


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