Labor Government Launches Bid to Build ‘World’s Largest’ Renewable Hydrogen Plant

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The national Labor authorities has launched a bid to physique what it claims to beryllium the “world’s largest renewable hydrogen” installation successful Brisbane, Australia.

The government-backed Australian Renewable Energy Agency volition enactment $13.7 cardinal into improvement of a greenish hydrogen installation dedicated to decarbonising an ammonia plant.

The assistance volition spell to billionaire Andrew Forrest’s Fortescue Future Industries, on with Incitec Pivot Limited, to analyse and plan a $38 cardinal installation susceptible of producing up to 70,000 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per twelvemonth with a 500 megawatt electrolyser.

“The task volition supply invaluable insights into the outgo of producing renewable hydrogen and adapting infrastructure to facilitate exports of renewable ammonia,” Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen said successful a statement.

“If successful, the electrolyser volition beryllium the largest built to date, feeding renewable hydrogen straight into the archetypal afloat decarbonised ammonia facility.”

Bowen said the survey was captious for knowing however Australia could make a hydrogen export systems.

Hydrogen the Key Building Block for Net-Zero

Generating hydrogen is simply a cardinal puzzle portion successful the propulsion for net-zero and the phasing retired of coal-fired generation.

An vigor grid powered by renewables requires tremendous amounts of storage—and billions of dollars and materials—to supply back-up energy erstwhile the upwind is not blowing oregon the prima is not shining.

Currently, elephantine lithium batteries are the preferred method of storing excess electricity.

Although artillery exertion is improving, determination are inactive galore drawbacks; for example, the world’s largest artillery system, the FPL Manatee Energy Storage Center successful Florida, tin supply lone 2 hours of powerfulness to astir 329,000 homes astatine a time.

For renewable vigor systems similar pumped hydro, the retention constituent is simply the gathering of dam systems to store immense volumes of water, which is past pumped backmost done turbines to make electricity. However, not each state oregon portion has entree to the close biology conditions to instrumentality vantage of hydro.

So governments person invested billions into hydrogen exertion arsenic different solution to complement artillery storage.

Instead of funnelling excess energy into batteries, they are fed done electrolysers (also an electricity-intensive process) which past creates hydrogen to capable reservoirs, which tin beryllium utilized arsenic a caller vigor root oregon synthetic fuel.

Yet similar galore caller technologies successful the net-zero push, it is inactive successful the aboriginal days of its improvement and not viable for wide use.

“The main occupation truly is hydrogen is precise debased density,” said Nick Kastelstein, lipid and state technologist astatine GPA Engineering. “So it’s a 3rd the vigor density of methane, and it takes a batch of vigor to compress it.”

“It besides affects the worldly and quality of retention containers to defy fatigue erstwhile cycling. So if you person a large vessel and you capable it up and bare it, capable it up and bare it, the vessel would astir apt neglect 10 times sooner than it would for earthy gas,” helium antecedently told The Epoch Times.

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