Lachlan Murdoch alleges Crikey hired marketing firm to turn legal threat into subscription drive

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Crikey hired a selling institution to capitalise connected a ineligible menace from Lachlan Murdoch successful bid to thrust subscriptions, the co-chair of News Corporation has alleged successful the national court.

Murdoch launched defamation proceedings successful August against the autarkic quality tract implicit an nonfiction published successful June that named the Murdoch household arsenic an “unindicted co-conspirator” successful the US Capitol attack. The proceedings has been acceptable down for March 2023 but the parties are successful quality implicit pretrial matters.

One of the matters heard by justness Michael Wigney successful a little proceeding was an allegation by the Murdoch squad that a selling campaign, tally by marque strategists Populares, undermines the nationalist involvement defence connected which Crikey steadfast Private Media was relying.

In effect to a concerns missive from Murdoch successful June, Crikey initially agreed to instrumentality down the nonfiction but aft failing to scope statement it was reinstated connected 15 August.

Sue Chrysanthou SC, for Murdoch, said she intends to amusement that republication of the nonfiction was not for nationalist involvement reasons but for a selling campaign.

She said Populares produced a “significant report” titled “Lachlan Murdoch Campaign” astir however “a quality with my lawsuit could beryllium marketed for the purposes of attracting caller readers and gaining subscriptions”.

“The intent of the re-posting was not for the nationalist interest, it was for the media campaign,” she said.

In his connection of assertion successful August Murdoch alleged that the placement of a New York Times advertisement inviting him to writer Crikey implicit the alleged defamation was “seeking to humiliate” the enforcement seat and main enforcement of Fox Corporation.

Chrysanthou said societal media was “the modern-day grapevine” and alleged Crikey had paid for immoderate posts astir her lawsuit “to beryllium promoted and advertised”.

She sought orders for Crikey to supply further accusation successful effect to questions due to the fact that the submitted outlines of accusation did not code thing aft the 29 June work of the nonfiction by Crikey’s authorities editor, Bernard Keane.

Wigney said the petition for written answers to astir 180 questions, including sub-questions, could hold proceedings and helium repeatedly asked Chrysanthou: “Do you privation this to spell to proceedings successful March?”

“I would retreat those interrogatories you tin cross-examine them,” helium said.

Private Media’s lawyer, Clarissa Amato, said Chrysanthou’s petition would effect successful a “a catastrophic discarded of clip and money”.

“Some of those whitethorn beryllium things simply near retired of the find database by mishap … determination are different requests that are efficaciously caller categories of documents,” Amato said.

Chrysanthou said the societal media posts astir her lawsuit had dispersed “like a virus”, and she would telephone a societal media adept to springiness grounds explaining the reach.

“We privation the adept to code that issue, and the effect of promoting peculiar posts and however that past causes those posts to look successful antithetic people’s feeds,” Chrysanthou said.

She said the adept would beryllium asked to explicate a fewer indispensable posts, applicable to claims of superior harm from the publication.

Murdoch is seeking damages due to the fact that done the work and republication of the nonfiction helium alleges helium “has been gravely injured successful his character, his idiosyncratic estimation and his nonrecreational estimation arsenic a concern idiosyncratic and institution director, and has suffered and volition proceed to endure important hurt, distress and embarrassment”.

The parties volition instrumentality to tribunal connected Thursday.