Lady Gaga spent 9 months perfecting Italian accent for ‘House of Gucci’

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She truly went method.

Lady Gaga stayed successful quality arsenic Patrizia Reggiani for the upcoming Ridley Scott movie “House of Gucci” for the full magnitude of filming.

The Oscar winner, 35, went full-on into method acting to assistance her seizure the essence of the disgraced erstwhile subordinate of the Gucci family.

Gaga revealed successful a profile for British Vogue that she spent astir a twelvemonth perfecting Reggiani’s Italian accent for the drama.

The vocalist embodied Reggiani by dying her hairsbreadth brown, taking up photography and talking with an Italian accent for 9 months.

“It is 3 years since I started moving connected it,” Gaga said. “And I volition beryllium afloat honorable and transparent: I lived arsenic [Reggiani] for a twelvemonth and a half. And I spoke with an accent for 9 months of that. Off-camera, I ne'er broke. I stayed with her.”

house of gucci trailerAdam Driver and Lady Gaga prima arsenic members of the Gucci household successful the upcoming Ridley Scott-directed drama, “House of Gucci.”Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures Inc

The “A Star Is Born” histrion past spoke of her co-star Salma Hayek’s absorption to her method-acting techniques. “We were successful betwixt takes and Salma was like, ‘Oh, this f – -king method histrion is implicit here,’ ” Gaga said. “You know, she’s not talking to maine close now.’”

“Because I was doing consciousness representation enactment adjacent to her, and she was making amusive of maine portion I was sitting determination doing it. And I didn’t adjacent laugh. When the country was over, I flipped astatine her and I said, ‘You’re ridiculous!’ and I started laughing and I kissed her. It was a fantastic set, but I’m precise superior erstwhile I work,” Gaga, whose existent sanction is Stefani Germanotta, continued.

The glitzy, fashion-forward flick features an ensemble formed that besides includes Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Jared Leto. The movie takes spot successful 1995, chronicling the events and the aftermath of Patrizia’s plot to termination her husband Maurizio Gucci (played by Driver).

Elsewhere successful the interview, Gaga explained that she dove truthful heavy into the character, that she recovered it hard to travel backmost from it aft filming wrapped.

House of GucciGaga transformed into the disgraced socialite Patrizia Reggiani for the drama.United Artists Releasing

“I had immoderate intelligence trouble astatine 1 constituent towards the extremity of filming,” she said. “I was either successful my edifice room, surviving and speaking arsenic Reggiani, oregon I was connected set, surviving and speaking arsenic her.”

The “Rain On Me” crooner added, “I retrieve I went retired into Italy 1 time with a chapeau connected to instrumentality a walk. I hadn’t taken a locomotion successful astir 2 months and I panicked. I thought I was connected a movie set.”

“House of Gucci” volition debut successful theaters connected Nov. 24 and is based connected Sara Gay Forden’s caller “The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed.”