Left-Wing Dark Money Funded ‘Climate Chaos Week’ Brawl at Interior Department

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A convulsive Oct. 14 brawl astatine the Department of Interior office gathering successful the nation’s superior that saw aggregate constabulary officers injured and 55 protestors arrested was organized by an anti-fossil fuel radical funded by a left-wing dark money group, according to a study made nationalist Monday.

“Protestors attempted to tear down barricades at the White House, vandalized a statue of Andrew Jackson scrawling ‘Expect Us connected it successful reddish paint, assaulted constabulary officers while blocking postulation adjacent Capitol Hill, sprayed fake oil on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce building, and attempted to tempest the Interior Department,” according to the study by Parker Thayer, a probe expert for the Capital Research Center (CRC).

“The ensuing brawl astatine a Interior Department doorway led to much than 50 arrests and aggregate officers injured. In total, an estimated 400 protestors were arrested during the week of ‘climate chaos,'” Thayer wrote. The CRC is simply a blimpish non-profit that specializes successful researching and documenting left-wing funding, organizations, and tactics.

Some acquainted situation groups similar Greenpeace were progressive successful the demonstrations, Thayer said, but the organizing and backing was provided acold successful beforehand by an obscure radical called Build Back Fossil Free (BBFF), which was itself a funded task by a likewise cryptic entity known arsenic the Sustainable Markets Foundation (SMF). That narration is not indicated anyplace connected the BBFF web site.

“Instead, Build Back Fossil Free’s online donate button redirects users to a PayPal leafage for the Sustainable Markets Foundation. The enactment is simply a ‘fiscally sponsored’ project, with nary tax-exempt presumption of its own, and is housed nether the umbrella of the Sustainable Markets Foundation.”

The BBFF does database among its firm sponsors Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Patagonia, a covering company. Spokesmen for neither corp responded to The Epoch Times petition for comment. A spokesperson for BBFF besides did not respond to a petition for comment.

Thayer describes  SMF arsenic a “prolific grantor to different clime activists and operates its ain in-house activism shop, spending ample sums to nutrient argumentation reports, transport activists, and motorboat consciousness campaigns.”

The SMF is simply a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) enactment that has nary web site, according to its astir precocious disposable IRS Form 990, and which describes its intent successful the taxation papers arsenic “to beforehand biology protection, vigor efficiency, user protection, wellness and information and bully government.”

None of the officers of SMF receives compensation for their efforts, which are listed connected the 990 arsenic requiring nary much than 1 hr of enactment per week, but for Jay Halfon, who is listed arsenic the manager and wide counsel, moving connected mean 25 hours a week.

The mysterious quality of SMF is what makes it a powerhouse backing root for left-wing activists similar those associated with BBFF, Thayer told The Epoch Times successful an interrogation Monday.

“They don’t truly disclose overmuch astir what they bash but it seems similar [BBFF] is simply a task of [SMF], which means we volition ne'er truly cognize specifically the billings for that purpose,” Thayer, who specializes successful non-profit enactment and backing research, explained.

There was besides “another radical that [BBFF] created, People versus Fossil Fuels, truthful that means they were a task of a task of a instauration that was heavy progressive successful each these protests, that organized each these demonstrations, on with groups similar 350.org and Greenpeace,” Thayer said.

“There are aggregate layers of beforehand groups created successful trying to fell who the billionaire donors down each of this truly are,” helium said. “This is precise emblematic of what left-wing groups astir the state do. They make beforehand groups and fiscally sponsored projects similar this, it’s becoming 1 of their favourite tactics.”

As a result, Thayer said, “it’s apt that the full week these protestors were retired determination lining up to get arrested and waving signs and chanting, they ne'er truly knew who they were moving for.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland raised eyebrows past week during his grounds earlier the House Judiciary Committee erstwhile helium acknowledged nether questioning by Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) not knowing astir the Oct. 14 violence.

Noting the nonstop parallels betwixt the Interior Department “insurrection” and that of Jan. 6 astatine the U.S. Capitol, Steube told The Epoch Times Monday that helium believes immoderate group, including backstage companies similar Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, that funds oregon supports convulsive actions similar the Interior Department demonstrations, “should beryllium held afloat accountable.”

Steube besides said helium is preparing to inquire Garland to supply answers to aggregate questions astir the organizations down the Oct. 14 violence.

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Mark Tapscott

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