Leslie Grace shares footage, behind-the-scenes snaps from axed ‘Batgirl’ movie

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Leslie Grace Leslie Grace was acceptable to represent Barbara Gordon/Batgirl successful the shelved Warner bros. film.

DC fans are yet getting a glimpse astatine the scrapped “Batgirl” movie.

Leslie Grace shared a slew of behind-the-scenes clips from the canceled movie connected TikTok connected Sunday, including her grooming and transformation.

The “In the Heights” star, 27, posted a montage from her clip connected acceptable arsenic vocalist Omar Apollo’s opus “Evergreen” played successful the background.

Shots included Grace grooming for her combat scenes, getting her constitution done, wearing her superhero costume and filming greenish surface scenes. One snippet of the video besides shows existent footage from a camera.

“I couldn’t resist,” she captioned her 15-second snap.

Grace’s fans took to the comments to springiness her enactment aft Warner Bros. axed the movie successful August.

“You deserved sm better, I person nary uncertainty you perfectly did Babs justness <3,” a instrumentality wrote.


“Manifesting that you get your changeable again. I was truthful bittersweet to perceive the news,” idiosyncratic added.

A instrumentality lamented: “Was truthful excited for this movie, I’m truthful atrocious however this each went down.”

Leslie GraceGrace posted a TikTok montage of behind-the-scenes footage of “Batgirl.”Leslie Grace

The movie was acceptable to prima Grace arsenic Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, arsenic good arsenic Brendan Fraser, Michael Keaton and J.J. Simmons.

The formed was allegedly “humiliated” astatine the cancellation and they weren’t informed of the $190 cardinal movie being scrapped earlier the reports deed the newsstands.

Leslie GraceGrace successful her “Batgirl” costume.TikTok/Leslie Grace

Grace spoke retired astir the doomed project connected Aug. 3, sharing a drafting of herself arsenic the leader and different shots from the movie connected Instagram.

Leslie GraceGrace grooming for her combat scenes for “Batgirl.”TikTok/Leslie Grace

In a passionate caption, she scribed: “On the heels of the caller quality astir our movie ‘Batgirl,’ I americium arrogant of the love, hard enactment and volition each of our unthinkable formed and tireless unit enactment into this movie implicit 7 months successful Scotland.”

“I consciousness blessed to person worked among implicit greats and forged relationships for a beingness successful the process! To each Batgirl fan, THANK YOU for the emotion and belief, allowing maine to instrumentality connected the cape and become, arsenic Babs said best, ‘my ain damn hero!’
#Batgirl for life!,” she wrote.

Leslie GraceGrace posted a video of herself successful the constitution seat connected set.TikTok/Leslie Grace

“Batgirl” directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah revealed past period that they person no footage of the movie and the workplace blocked their entree to the accumulation servers.

However, members of the formed and unit were treated to a “funeral screening” of the movie connected the Warner Bros. Studio in precocious August earlier it got locked distant successful a workplace vault forever.