Letitia James Announces She Will Run For New York Governor

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She is the archetypal pistillate elected arsenic New York's lawyer wide and the archetypal Black idiosyncratic to service successful the role.

New York Attorney General Letitia James formally announced Friday that she is moving for governor, a wide anticipated determination from the pistillate who oversaw an probe into allegations that erstwhile Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed galore women.

James announced her candidacy connected Twitter, saying, "I'm moving for Governor of New York due to the fact that I person the experience, vision, and courageousness to instrumentality connected the almighty connected behalf of each New Yorkers."

A run video cited the aggregate lawsuits she filed against erstwhile President Donald Trump's medication and an probe into deaths successful New York's nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

James, 62, is the archetypal pistillate elected arsenic New York's lawyer wide and the archetypal Black idiosyncratic to service successful the role. She's expected to beryllium a beardown challenger against Gov. Kathy Hochul, who had been Cuomo's lieutenant governor, for the Democratic nomination.

Hochul, who is from the Buffalo area, entered bureau with a estimation arsenic centrist who is moving to bolster her ties to New York City, wherever James' governmental enactment is based.

James was calved and raised successful Brooklyn and made her archetypal tally for City Council arsenic a campaigner of the wide Working Families Party. Her way to the information volition beryllium the obverse of Hochul's, trying to triumph implicit upstate Democrats who mightiness beryllium little progressive.

Before her bombshell study was released, prompting Cuomo's resignation, James had been known nationally for her predominant ineligible tussles with Trump.

Since she became lawyer wide successful 2019, her bureau has investigated Trump's concern affairs and filed dozens of lawsuits against the Republican's medication implicit national policies connected immigration, the situation and different matters.

"I've sued the Trump medication 76 times. But who's counting?" James said successful her kickoff video, making a playful motion of her shoulders portion looking into the camera.

James besides filed a suit accusing the National Rifle Association 's leaders of fiscal mismanagement, the latest successful a drawstring of regulatory actions that person delighted liberals but drawn complaints from Republicans that she has unfairly utilized her bureau to people governmental opponents.

While nether nationalist unit successful 2020, Cuomo authorized James to analyse allegations helium had sexually harassed respective women. The autarkic investigators she hired to behaviour the enquiry released a study successful August concluding that determination were credible allegations from 11 women, including 1 adjutant who said the politician had groped her breast.

Cuomo has attacked James' study arsenic inaccurate and biased, denied mistreating women and said helium resigned successful bid to debar subjecting the authorities to turmoil.

James has dismissed the complaint that her probe was politically motivated, saying Cuomo should instrumentality work for his ain conduct.

James made the announcement the time aft a transgression ailment was filed against Cuomo successful Albany, accusing the erstwhile politician of committing a misdemeanor enactment transgression of groping a pistillate successful December 2020.

Cuomo's lawyer, Rita Glavin, said successful a connection that the Democrat ne'er assaulted anyone. He's owed successful tribunal Nov. 17 to respond to the charge.

"Tish James abused her bureau to falsely impeach Governor Cuomo due to the fact that she was acrophobic to face him successful an predetermination and fto the radical decide," Cuomo's spokesperson Rich Azzopardi said successful a connection Friday aft James' announced her campaign.

Cuomo was erstwhile 1 of James' strongest governmental allies.

As governor, helium endorsed James for lawyer wide and headlined a fundraiser for her successful 2018 arsenic she ran successful a four-way Democratic superior to regenerate Eric Schneiderman, who abruptly resigned amid allegations that helium abused women.

New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio person some said they are considering a run. Two different imaginable Democratic candidates travel from Long Island: Suffolk County execetive Steve Bellone and U.S. Rep. Thomas Suozzi, who lives successful Nassau County.

On Friday morning, James and Hochul each made little appearances astatine a downtown Brooklyn edifice for a accepted preelection meal for Democratic powerfulness players.

Hochul thanked the assemblage for supporting her arsenic the state's first-ever pistillate politician and implying successful her remarks that she expected to triumph aggregate presumption arsenic governor.

"I consciousness the value of past connected my shoulders due to the fact that it's my work to show that a pistillate tin govern with strength, with bosom and passionateness and combat for the radical of this state. And truthful erstwhile I'm done with my terms, nary 1 volition ever question the quality of a pistillate to clasp the highest bureau successful this authorities oregon successful this land," Hochul said.

James, speaking astir 20 minutes aft Hochul astatine the edifice successful her location turf, drew large applause and asked, "Is Brooklyn successful the house?"

The lawyer wide did not marque immoderate run remarks but urged attendees to ballot successful the city's upcoming elections connected Tuesday and deliberation astir "the threats to our democracy, to our freedom" including reproductive rights and threats to the environment.

"Let everybody cognize that Brooklyn and New York State — we're one," James said.

Her candidacy was rapidly endorsed Friday by John Samuelsen, the planetary president of the Transport Workers Union, which represents 150,000 workers successful the airline, railroad, transit manufacture and more.

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