Liberal senator Hollie Hughes doing paid consulting work for a for-profit biofuels company

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The Liberal legislator Hollie Hughes is performing paid consulting enactment for a for-profit biofuels company.

The enactment has been disclosed connected her registry of interests done a spot assisting “charitable organisations”.

Hughes has insisted she decently declared her involvement arsenic a imaginable beneficiary of the SLN Services Trust, claiming her enactment for PBFH Pty Ltd volition assistance the Australian institution mounting up successful Papua New Guinea to “reinvest successful section communities”.

But usage of a spot appears to person helped Hughes side-step the request to state “any different important sources of income” connected her registry of interests, arsenic she was advised would different apt beryllium indispensable by the Senate clerk.

There is nary proposition by Guardian Australia that Hughes has breached immoderate rules by utilizing the spot successful this manner.

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Guardian Australia has surveyed the registry of interests of each members and senators to audit their usage of trusts successful the aftermath of Christian Porter declaring that his defamation ineligible fees were part-paid by the Legal Services Trust with funds from undisclosed donors.

Although the privileges committee of some houses person been asked to see clarifying the rules astir financing ineligible cases, Labor’s ailment astir Porter raises the broader contented that trusts declared by parliamentarians tin beryllium utilized to person fees oregon donations for backstage purposes from chartless sources.

Parliamentarians declared an array of trusts including for concern purposes, self-managed ace funds, and household trusts relating to businesses including cultivation concerns.

On 8 October, Hughes declared a shareholding successful SLN Services Pty Ltd, the trustee of the SLN Services Trust, which she disclosed is “a discretionary spot successful which the legislator is simply a imaginable beneficiary and provides consultancy services, including successful narration to charitable organisations”. The declaration includes nary further details of entities that wage the spot for services.

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Hughes told Guardian Australia that done the spot she and “others, whoever I privation to engage” execute advisory enactment for the committee of PBFH Pty Ltd – Pacific Biofuels Holdings – which she said had “set up a charitable arm, a societal services arm” to “reinvest successful section communities”. The spot is paid an undisclosed, fixed yearly fee.

“[PBFH is] an Australian institution mounting up successful PNG, and they’ve asked maine to assistance them due to the fact that I utilized to tally charities successful Australia but besides cognize PNG,” Hughes said.

“I haven’t been a beneficiary of thing – yet. But we acceptable [SLN Services Trust] up due to the fact that astatine immoderate signifier I whitethorn beryllium a beneficiary of it.”

“The crushed I had to acceptable thing up is I’m not an worker of theirs [PBFH]”. We’re not trying to fell anything, determination wouldn’t beryllium a occupation putting PBFH connected the registry of interests … We person done this each the close way.”

Hughes said PBFH is the lone entity to person paid SLN Services Trust, which has nary different imaginable beneficiaries “at the moment”. Hughes is the sole manager and caput of the trustee institution and has a beneficial involvement successful 100% of its shares.

Zach Frederick, PBFH’s societal alteration director, told Guardian Australia it is simply a “new, for-profit institution that volition beryllium utilizing a information of its profits to effect beneficial societal programs successful PNG and passim the South Pacific”.

“These programs see investing successful acquisition and section wellness initiatives.”

An engagement missive sent to Hughes successful September by the PBFH main executive, Mary Symons, states that SLN Services volition counsel connected “social alteration programs, aimed astatine improving the lives of the radical successful the Central Province”.

Symons wrote PBFH had selected SLN Services owed to “extensive acquisition successful charitable enactment and your heavy knowing of the mechanics of however to champion get affirmative outcomes”.

Before entering parliament, Hughes was the seat of the Country Autism Network for 7 years and a non-executive manager of Streetwork, a foundation for at-risk youth.

PBFH advised it had “no agreements with the Australian commonwealth”, ensuring that Hughes’ enactment would not disqualify her from sitting successful parliament.

In June, the Senate clerk, Richard Pye, provided proposal to Hughes connected the declaration of senators’ interests.

Pye noted that senators are required to state “any different important sources of income” utilizing the regularisation of thumb that income of much than $5,000 a twelvemonth should beryllium disclosed.

“I expect that Senator Hughes would request to marque a declaration here,” helium said, commenting connected an earlier missive of connection earlier Hughes decided to supply services done a trust.

Hughes has not declared immoderate “other” sources of income. A spokesperson for Hughes said the firm advisory enactment “has been disclosed arsenic a registrable interest”.

The Nationals legislator Susan McDonald discloses connected her registry of interests that she is simply a discretionary beneficiary of “OHG Trust”, which is described arsenic a “consultancy”.

A spokesperson for McDonald said it was “set up to supply consultancy anterior to the senator’s election” but “has been inactive since past with nary services being provided by anyone oregon to anyone”.

McDonald has not received a organisation from the spot since becoming a senator, they said.