Life Sentence for Killer of Retired St. Louis Police Captain

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Stephan Cannon successful  a mugshot. (St. Louis Police Department)

Stephan Cannon successful a mugshot. (St. Louis Police Department)

ST. LOUIS—A 26-year-old antheral was sentenced Wednesday to life successful situation for sidesplitting a retired St. Louis constabulary skipper arsenic helium tried to halt a pawn store from being looted during riots implicit the decease of George Floyd 2 years ago.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the beingness word was mandatory aft Stephan Cannon, of Glasgow Village, was convicted successful July of first-degree execution successful the decease of 77-year-old David Dorn.

Cannon besides was sentenced to an further 30 years for robbery, burglary, and 3 counts of equipped transgression action.

Dorn was a person of the pawn shop’s owner. He showed up astatine the northbound St. Louis concern arsenic it was being ransacked connected June 2, 2020.

David Dorn David Dorn, a 77-year-old retired St. Louis, Missouri constabulary officer. (Scott Bandle/Suburban Journals/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP)

His decease drew attraction nationwide due to the fact that it occurred amid riots and protests crossed the state successful effect to George Floyd’s death.

Across St. Louis that night, Dorn and 4 officers were shot, authorities were pelted with rocks and fireworks, and 55 businesses were burglarized oregon damaged.

“Our begetter was a bully cop, but much importantly, helium was a bully man,” his daughter, Lisa Dorn, said to the court.

Cannon told the household helium was “sorry for their loss” but denied being the shooter. His attorneys said they planned to appeal.

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