Like the Knicks, Kemba Walker will keep us guessing from night to night

1 year ago 104

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Optimism and restitution are hard to find aft back-to-back losses, but the Knicks are 5-3, entering Friday night’s crippled successful Milwaukee. That is bully for a .625 triumph percentage. That is amended than each but 1 of the past 20 Knicks seasons person finished. Even if the instauration for occurrence has, astatine slightest briefly, flipped from relentless defence to unthinkable violative efficiency, the opening of this play has mostly been a promising continuation of past season’s astonishment success.

The Tom Thibodeau epoch has lone lasted 85 games, but we’ve spent capable clip with this halfway to cognize what to astir expect from each player, erstwhile fixed capable minutes (see: Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley). Julius Randle is moving the show. RJ Barrett is evolving into an progressively reliable wingman. Evan Fournier spaces the floor. Derrick Rose provides popular disconnected the bench.

The Knicks tin beat the 76ers (6-2) and Bulls (6-2). They tin besides lose to the Magic (2-7) and Pacers (3-6). The Knicks person looked elite. They person looked unworthy of a playoff spot. It is hard to cognize what this squad volition become, partially due to the fact that it’s inactive hard to gauge what the team’s astir eye-catching acquisition (Kemba Walker) volition look similar this season.