LIVE NOW: Education–America’s New Battleground: A Presentation by FEC United

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With much laws and regulations allowing the authorities and unionized schoolhouse teachers to power the education of the students, much and much American parents consciousness that “There is simply a warfare successful America today” with nary guns, bombs, and missiles. The warfare is “not connected the streets, but successful the classrooms of America.” And the battleground is the children: their minds, bodies, and souls.

FEC United, a question of Americans who privation to reconstruct and unafraid the liberty guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, holds a presumption astatine 6:00 p.m. ET connected Jan. 30 astatine Clinton Valley Church of Michigan, featuring Donald Eason, a elder curate to speech astir what parents tin bash to “fight back.”

The Epoch Times volition livestream the event.