LIVE UPDATES: Ukraine Forces Claim to Have Reached Russia Border

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The latest connected the RussiaUkraine crisis, May 16. Click here for updates from May 15.

Ukraine Forces Claim to Have Reached Russia Border

Ukraine connected Sunday released footage it said showed its troops reaching the borderline with Russia and re-installing a bluish and yellowish borderline post.

The determination wasn’t specified, but immoderate reports suggested the footage whitethorn person been filmed successful the Kharkiv region.

The video’s merchandise came arsenic Ukraine said it held disconnected Russian offensives successful the east, with Western subject officials saying that Moscow’s run determination had slowed to a snail’s pace.

The Ukrainian subject said it held disconnected a renewed violative successful the Dontesk country of the Donbass.

Russian troops besides tried to beforehand adjacent the eastbound metropolis of Izyum, but Ukrainian forces stopped them, the politician of Ukraine’s Kharkiv portion reported.

Ukraine’s astir experienced and best-equipped soldiers are based successful eastbound Ukraine, wherever they person fought Moscow-backed separatists for 8 years.


Russia Says It Strikes Ukraine Positions successful Battle for Donbass

Russia pummeled positions successful the eastbound of Ukraine connected Sunday, its defence ministry said, arsenic it sought to encircle Ukrainian forces successful the conflict for Donbass and fend disconnected a counteroffensive astir the strategical Russian-controlled metropolis of Izium.

Since mid-April, Russian forces person focused overmuch of their firepower connected trying to seizure 2 eastbound provinces known arsenic the Donbass aft failing to instrumentality Kyiv.

Russia’s defence ministry said rockets had deed 2 bid points, 11 institution positions, and 4 artillery stores successful 4 regions of the eastbound Donetsk region, immoderate heavy successful Ukrainian-controlled territory betwixt Donetsk and Izium.

The defence ministry said Russian forces had deed areas adjacent the cities of Baxmut and Kostyantynivka.

Russia besides destroyed 2 S-300 rocket systems and a radar station successful the Sumy portion of north-eastern Ukraine, the defence ministry said.

Russia said that since the commencement of the subject operation, its forces had destroyed 165 aircraft, 125 helicopters, 879 unmanned aerial vehicles, 306 anti-aircraft rocket systems, and 3,098 tanks and different armored combat vehicles.


NATO Chief Stoltenberg: Ukraine Can Win This War

Russia’s violative successful Ukraine is failing and its cognition successful the Donbass portion has stalled, NATO’s caput wide said connected Sunday.

“Russia’s warfare successful Ukraine is not going arsenic Moscow had planned. They failed to instrumentality Kyiv,” Jens Stoltenberg told reporters by video link. “They are pulling backmost from Kharkiv and their large violative successful Donbass has stalled.”

“Ukraine tin triumph this war,” helium said, adding that NATO indispensable proceed to measurement up its subject enactment to the country.

The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

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