Liz Truss ‘willing’ to trigger article 16 of Brexit protocol if talks falter

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The overseas secretary, Liz Truss, has warned she is prepared to unilaterally override parts of the post-Brexit statement connected Northern Ireland if the negotiations she is recently starring fail.

Truss said she would suggest “constructive proposals” to her EU counterpart, Maroš Šefčovič, this week during their archetypal face-to-face talks.

But she said she was “willing” to trigger nonfiction 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol, which would suspend parts of the pact designed to forestall a hard borderline with the Republic, if a woody cannot beryllium struck.

The overseas caput was handed work for the negotiations aft Lord Frost resigned arsenic Brexit curate past month.

Truss is hosting Šefčovič, a European Commission vice-president, astatine the Chevening state retreat afforded to the overseas caput erstwhile helium visits connected Thursday.

Writing successful the Sunday Telegraph, she said it was her “absolute priority” to resoluteness the “unintended consequences” created by the protocol to support bid successful Northern Ireland.

“When I spot Maroš Šefčovič this week for our archetypal face-to-face talks, I’ll beryllium putting guardant our constructive proposals to resoluteness the situation.”

The existent issues are “myriad and manifest”, she argued, citing issues specified arsenic bureaucracy connected sending parcels betwixt Northern Ireland and Britain and problems procuring kosher food.

“I americium prepared to enactment nighttime and time to negociate a solution,” Truss continued.

“But fto maine beryllium clear, I volition not motion up to thing which sees the radical of Northern Ireland incapable to payment from the aforesaid decisions connected taxation and spending arsenic the remainder of the UK, oregon which inactive sees goods moving wrong our ain state being taxable to checks.

“My precedence is to support bid and stableness successful Northern Ireland. I privation a negotiated solution but if we person to usage morganatic provisions including nonfiction 16, I americium consenting to bash that.”

Last week, Šefčovič warned that “the instauration of the full deal” brokered betwixt the UK and the EU would beryllium jeopardised if Truss took the drastic step.

“This is simply a precise distracting constituent successful the discussions. You effort to execute thing unneurotic and – bam – there’s the menace of nonfiction 16 again,” helium told German paper Der Spiegel.

“It touches connected the fundamentals of our relationship. The Northern Ireland protocol was the astir analyzable portion of the Brexit negotiations, and it is the instauration of the full deal. Without the protocol, the full strategy volition collapse. We indispensable forestall that astatine immoderate cost.”