‘Locke & Key’s Griffin Gluck Teases Gabe & Eden’s Season 2 Schemes: ‘We Do A Lot Of Bad Things’

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Exclusive Interview

October 21, 2021 3:45PM EDT

‘Locke & Key’ returns for play 2 connected October 22. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Griffin Gluck and Hallea Jones astir Gabe/Dodge and Eden’s ‘wrongdoings’ this play and however agelong they tin support their secrets.

The extremity of Locke & Key play 1 featured a game-changing twist: Dodge is not gone. Actually, Gabe is Dodge. Gabe and Eden are present a squad and keeping it a concealed from everyone. HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVELY with Griffin Gluck and Hallea Jones astir what benignant of chaos Gabe and the recently demon-infected Eden volition beryllium stirring up successful play 2.

“Together? A lot,” Griffin told HollywoodLife astatine the show’s property junket. “Unfortunately for Eden and Hallea, Gabe is simply a spot of a solo feline and truthful is Eden, actually, truthful they support benignant of butting into each different schemes. There’s a decent magnitude of struggle betwixt the 2 of them, but we get up to a batch of wrongdoings this season. We bash a batch of atrocious things to a batch of bully people, and it is amusive the full time.”

Locke and KeyHallea Jones and Griffin Gluck successful play 2. (Netflix)

Hallea added that Eden and Gabe get up to “a batch of mischief not precise good managed by Gabe, I indispensable say. But Griffin is close connected erstwhile some Eden and Gabe are precise large personalities. They’re precise power-hungry. Because Gabe is an Echo, it creates this truly unusual dynamic with Eden wherever she’s like, ‘Well, I don’t privation to travel you astir anymore.’ And he’s like, ‘Well, I’m going to termination you if you don’t.’ And she’s like, ‘Ah, good cool.’ It was truly fun…”

No 1 other seems to beryllium alert of Gabe is really Dodge, particularly Kinsey. Griffin admitted that “it’s going to beryllium a batch of amusive for audiences to spot however agelong helium tin support the rules up. I mean, it’s a tiny town. You know, connection gets around.”

When it comes to Eden, Hallea believes this demon Eden concern is really “Eden’s large beingness calling.” She added, “I deliberation she was conscionable connected the roadworthy to this whether it beryllium done supernatural ways oregon not. She was already benignant of a demon successful ways successful the archetypal play successful mortal presumption and to person this demon happening hap to her was conscionable like, ohio my god, present I tin unleash everything that I privation and everything that I conscionable hunger. I person a hunger for erstwhile it comes to mischief and chaos and each that stuff. She truly leans into the craziness that we spot benignant of successful play 1 but conscionable much connected a murderous level, which is simply a batch much fun.”

Griffin has grown up on-screen successful TV bid similar Private Practice and American Vandal. This acheronian crook successful play 2 marks the archetypal clip the histrion has played a villain.

Griffin GluckGriffin Gluck and Emilia Jones arsenic Gabe and Kinsey. (Netflix)

“This is my archetypal clip playing a relation that’s not similar a goody-two-shoes,” Griffin told HollywoodLife. “This is my archetypal clip playing an antagonist, I’ll accidental that. And what a archetypal antagonist to have. He is simply a truly mean guy. A batch of subtleties, nuances… he’s similar 3 antithetic radical successful 1 body. I got to person a batch of amusive figuring retired however to bash the full antagonist thing, however to bash each the full evil supervillain I conjecture you’d telephone him. I figured that retired connected the mode conscionable passim the shooting, which was a batch of fun. It progressively got harder and harder. It was a existent challenge, but the astir amusive situation that I tin person arsenic an actor.” Locke & Key play 2 drops October 22 connected Netflix.