Lola Blanc Shares How Directing New ‘Here Come The Wolves’ Music Video ‘Terrified Me’

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October 26, 2021 3:00PM EDT

Just successful clip for Halloween, the multi-talented Lola Blanc has unleashed a blood-stained, sci-fi/horror ocular for her sinister and sultry seductive bop, ‘Here Come The Wolves.’

We find Lola Blanc dressed successful achromatic and bound astatine the commencement of “Here Come The Wolves,” the caller euphony video from the multi-hyphenate, retired contiguous (Oct. 26). A piercing done the backmost of her cervix – Ouch! – holds her successful spot arsenic a antheral successful reddish approaches her. Five onlookers, besides dressed successful crimson attire, watch, hungrily taking successful the action. As the antheral successful reddish produces a dagger, astir to connection this sacrifice to the slaughter, Lola fights back. In a bloody crook of the tables, the wolves find themselves the prey of the lamb. It’s a bloody conflict with a shocking revelation astatine the extremity – due to the fact that each fearfulness movies request a twist.

The ocular is simply a cleanable companion portion to the song. “Here Come The Wolves” is simply a moody, atmospheric song. With Hitchcockian strings and a creeping beat, similar a serial slayer stalking its adjacent victim, “Wolves” runs its spiritual fingers up and down your spine. “My imaginativeness has been distorting,” she sings successful a dependable that is arsenic alluring and discomforting, a seductive cadence that alerts you to the information – but you inactive instrumentality that measurement guardant into that welcoming maw. “I consciousness my DNA transforming / Every clip I spell retired successful the nighttime / When you deliberation your wounds are greater / A unfortunate tin beryllium perpetrator / Doеs the sanction of justness justify?

Lola herself directed the video, and it’s an acquisition she’ll ne'er forget. “I’ve directed myself successful abbreviated films before,” Lola shares with HollywoodLife, “but this was the archetypal clip I’ve been the sole manager of 1 of my ain euphony videos—which was a existent task, considering it was besides the archetypal clip I’d dealt with combat choreography, some arsenic a manager and arsenic a performer. And of course, fundamentally everything that could spell incorrect successful preproduction did, truthful determination were rather a fewer challenges astatine erstwhile going into the shoot. But overly ambitious projects are benignant of my thing!”

“I similar to leap successful feet archetypal and conscionable fig it retired arsenic I go,” she adds, “even if there’s a tiny tense breakdown connected the different extremity of it. I thrive connected the terror. This 1 decidedly terrified me, but yet I’m arrogant of it, and it was wholly worthy it.”

It’s hard to enactment Lola successful 1 container – and 1 would deliberation she prefers it that way. As a songwriter, she’s worked down the scenes with immoderate of your favourite artists, astir notably co-writing Britney Spears’s “Ooh La La.” She’s appeared successful beforehand of the camera connected American Horror Story: Hotel and Life In Pieces. Musically, she began paving her way arsenic an artist-to-know successful 2016 with “Don’t Say You Do.” Since then, she’s experienced success, astir notably with “Angry Too,” a opus written astatine the tallness of the #MeToo question that has since amassed implicit 24 cardinal streams. With much euphony to come, get acceptable to descend your teeth into the fierceness that is Lola Blanc.