London’s Pollution Charge Zone for Older Vehicles Becomes 18 Times Larger

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London’s pollution charge zone for older vehicles has been importantly expanded, affecting tens of thousands of motorists.

Drivers of vehicles which bash not comply with minimum emissions standards are being charged £12.50 to thrust successful the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez), which became 18 times larger connected Monday.

The Ulez has operated since April 2019, but antecedently lone covered the aforesaid country of cardinal London arsenic the Congestion Charge.

It present includes each areas wrong the North and South Circular roads successful an effort to boost aerial quality.

Pollution charges besides operating successful Birmingham and Bath, and are projected for cities crossed England and Scotland including Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle and Portsmouth.

Whether oregon not a conveyance is liable for London’s complaint depends connected however overmuch nitrogen dioxide (NO2) it emits.

NO2 damages lungs and tin exacerbate existing conditions specified arsenic asthma, and lung and bosom disease.

For diesel cars to debar the complaint they indispensable mostly person been archetypal registered aft September 2015, portion astir petrol models registered from 2005 are besides exempt.

Transport for London (TfL) said 4 retired of 5 vehicles registered wrong the new, larger portion are compliant, but an estimated 130,000 are not.

The complaint applies each day, each day, but connected Christmas Day.

Drivers who neglect to wage look being handed a Penalty Charge Notice of £160, reduced to £80 if paid wrong a fortnight.

The Majority Unaware

A survey of 2,005 motorists—with astatine slightest 1,500 from London and 500 surviving wrong an hr of the capital—indicated that lone 43 percent are alert of the expansion.

More than 1 cardinal letters person been sent to radical who person driven wrong the caller boundaries to alert them, portion much than 600,000 leaflets person been delivered to residents successful the caller area.

Small businesses successful the superior person expressed interest astir the interaction of the charges.

Michael Lloyd, managing manager of LTC Scaffolding, said his steadfast has invested £300,000 to upgrade immoderate of its fleet to conscionable Ulez standards, but inactive expects to rack up astir £2,500 a week successful charges for its non-compliant vehicles.

Epoch Times Photo The archetypal Ultra Low Emission Zone on with the enlargement to the North and South circulars from 2021. (Transport for London)

He told the PA quality bureau that “most tiny businesses” cannot spend that expense.

The Ulez enlargement is “a bully idea” but it should person been postponed for astatine slightest six months,” according to Mr Lloyd.

“The lone happening is the timing,” helium said. “Businesses are connected their knees due to the fact that of the pandemic, and this is conscionable different footwear successful the teeth.”

The Federation of Small Businesses called for a one-month “period of grace” with enforcement delayed to springiness firms “time to adjust”.

Jemima Hartshorn, of aerial prime run radical Mums for Lungs, said the enlargement of the Ulez volition mean “millions of radical respire cleaner air”.

She continued: “We applaud the Mayor of London for his leadership, but besides impulse him to proceed taking bold enactment due to the fact that adjacent with this strategy London volition stay unhealthily polluted.”

Small businesses, charities and Londoners who are disabled oregon connected debased incomes tin use to TfL for a £2,000 assistance if they scrap a non-compliant car and acquisition a cleaner vehicle.

Those scrapping a motorcycle oregon moped whitethorn beryllium eligible for a £1,000 payment.

But schemes for vans, minibuses and lorries person been suspended owed to “unprecedented request and constricted funds”.