Los Angeles to Pay $1,000 a Month to 3,000 Low-Income Families as Part of Guaranteed Basic Income Program

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The Los Angeles City Council connected Tuesday gave the greenish airy to warrant taxpayer-funded income of up to $1,000 per period for 12 months for 3,200 Los Angeles families surviving successful poverty.

Online applications for The BIG:LEAP, oregon Basic Income Guaranteed: Los Angeles Economic Assistance Pilot programme volition statesman connected Friday for 10 days, and recipients volition beryllium announced successful aboriginal January. Details connected however to use volition besides beryllium released connected Friday, officials said.

The city’s probe partner, the Center for Guaranteed Income Research, will prime recipients astatine random to person the no-strings-attached payments, metropolis officials said. The programme expands the city’s archetypal $6 cardinal concern to astir $40 million.

A ample fig of participants are expected to beryllium residents of Councilman Curren Price’s district, Council District 9, which has the highest rates of residents surviving successful poverty.

A spokesperson for the councilman said that his bureau whitethorn beryllium utilized during the 10-day exertion play by residents who privation to use for the program. Computers, Wi-Fi, and connection enactment volition besides beryllium disposable astatine different locations specified arsenic the All Peoples Community Center and libraries.

“The thought of a [Guaranteed Basic Income] aviator programme is 1 my bureau has been pursuing for immoderate time, and it gained momentum arsenic we witnessed our state analyse the radical disparities and societal injustices during the COVID pandemic,” Price said anterior to Tuesday’s vote. “It became wide this programme was indispensable successful pursuing the affirmative results of the Stockton Seed Program.”

“It’s my anticipation that pursuing the decision of this aviator program, that it’ll beryllium replicated astatine the authorities and national level,” Price added.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a akin programme that would wage $1,000 per period to 1,000 residents for a minimum of 3 years.

Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, a nonprofit that seeks to support the rights of taxpayers, said astatine the clip that giving residents escaped wealth reduces work ethic during a play erstwhile the state is seeing grounds unemployment.

“It’s horrible for individuals, in that people should beryllium incentivized to work,” Coupal told The Epoch Times. “The work acquisition is rather frankly what gives radical worth that they’re contributing to society, and it besides helps to make societal networks.

Coupal besides said that the authorities should mandate what wealth from specified programs tin beryllium spent on.

“If it’s the government’s money, they should perfectly beryllium capable to power however it’s spent. You don’t privation radical going retired and buying cigarettes and booze with this,” Coupal said.

Drew Van Voorhis contributed to this report.

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