Loudoun County Announces ‘Independent Review’ of How Sexual Assault Handled

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An autarkic reappraisal of however Loudoun County, Virginia officials handled a confirmed intersexual assault and different alleged incidental volition beryllium undertaken by a instrumentality firm, it was announced Friday.

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has been accused of mishandling the confirmed assault, which took spot connected May 28 astatine Stone Bridge High School successful Ashburn, but officials, including Superintendent Scott Ziegler, person truthful acold refused to resign.

In a little statement, Ziegler said officials “believe we person followed each mandatory reporting protocols and aided instrumentality enforcement to the fullest grade allowed successful each investigations regarding these matters” but “we admit that these matters request to beryllium afloat reviewed.”

With the enactment of the county’s schoolhouse board, LCPS has hired Blankingship & Keith, P.C., to behaviour an autarkic review.

“Please cognize that this autarkic reappraisal is lone 1 measurement successful moving guardant to assistance heal our schoolhouse community. We volition support you up-to-date astir the steps we instrumentality and the advancement we make. Together, we judge we tin marque our schools a safer, much nurturing situation for each student,” Ziegler added.

After a antheral pupil assaulted a miss astatine Stone Bridge successful May, the lad was transferred to a antithetic precocious school, LCPS has confirmed to The Epoch Times. He was aboriginal charged with assaulting a antithetic pistillate pupil astatine that school, Broad Run High School.

A justice past period recovered the lad blameworthy of forcible sodomy and forcible fellatio, some felonies, successful the Stone Bridge Case. He’s acceptable to look backmost earlier her connected the different substance aboriginal this month.

Parents have called for Ziegler to measurement down implicit allegations the territory mishandled the battle and alleged assault. Ziegler falsely told a schoolhouse committee gathering successful June that determination were nary records of assaults happening successful restrooms successful the schoolhouse district. Ziegler successful October acknowledged his connection was mendacious but said helium misunderstood the question.

LCPS has struggled to pass astir developments successful the case. A spokesperson successful a caller email to The Epoch Times falsely said Ziegler was asked “if a transgender pupil battle had taken spot successful an LCPS bathroom” and said “no.” The existent question, from schoolhouse committee subordinate Beth Barts, was “Do we person assaults successful our bathrooms and our locker rooms regularly?”

“To my knowledge, we don’t person immoderate records of assaults occurring successful our restrooms,” Ziegler said.

The gathering took spot connected June 22. Ziegler was made alert of the battle that was aboriginal confirmed to person happened. In a May 28 email made nationalist past month, helium told schoolhouse committee members that “This day a pistillate pupil alleged that a antheral pupil sexually assaulted her successful the restroom.” None of the members mentioned that incidental during the meeting.

Ziegler has said helium thought the question was astir transgender students due to the fact that the committee was debating a connection to fto students who assertion to beryllium different sex usage that gender’s bathrooms. The committee aboriginal approved the policy.

Wayde Byard, a spokesperson for LCPS, told The Epoch Times successful an email past period that instrumentality enforcement was made alert of the May 28 battle wrong minutes of a study being received and that LCPS was barred from disciplining immoderate pupil without pursuing a grievance process successful Title IX.

Byard besides said that members of the schoolhouse committee “were not alert of the circumstantial details of this incidental until it was reported successful media outlets earlier this week.”

Board members haven’t responded to requests for comment.

Jason Miyares, the Republican Virginia lawyer general-elect, announced connected Nov. 4 that helium volition analyse what happened.

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