Loudoun County Requires Parents to Sign NDA-Style Form to View CRT-Influenced Curriculum

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Parents successful Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), Virginia, who privation to presumption a caller critical contention theory (CRT)-influenced program being taught successful their child’s schoolhouse person to motion thing akin to a non-disclosure statement (NDA) to presumption the program.

To reappraisal the “Second Step” curriculum, parents indispensable admit that the presumption of the worldly is “not a nationalist event” and admit that “copying, broadcast oregon signaling of immoderate benignant is prohibited.”

Scott Mineo, a Loudoun County Parent starring the complaint against captious contention mentation successful people schoolhouse who heads PACT (Parents Against Critical Theory), told the Daily Caller that helium finds the copyright laws suspicious.

“LCPS is partners with Southern Poverty Law Center, Racial Equity Tools, and Learning for Justice (SPLC), each of which person copyrighted material, however, LCPS freely provides entree to these materials,” Mineo said. “Why is determination specified a treble modular erstwhile parents privation to reappraisal Second Step SEL worldly successful its entirety?”

The “Second Step” program is portion of a programme connected “Social Emotional Learning” from the Committee for Children, a nonprofit that advertises “free anti-racism and anti-bias resources.”

The Second Step website promotes “social-emotional learning.” The website besides includes worldly connected alleged anti-racism and anti-bias portion saying it is “committed to addressing radical injustice and helping you thrust existent alteration successful your schoolhouse communities.” According to the organization, the intent of the materials is to “implement social-emotional learning successful a mode that builds connected students’ taste assets, critically examines systems of power, and develops amended ways of teaching, learning, and being.”

Before viewing the Second Step Program, parents indispensable admit the materials tin lone beryllium utilized successful the schoolroom by educators.

The “terms and conditions” agreement, citing copyright arsenic the crushed for the document, states, “LCPS whitethorn marque an ‘Authorized Presentation’ (defined below) of Materials to parents whose student(s) is/are presently enrolled successful a schoolhouse successful LCPS (the ‘Eligible Parents’), done July 31, 2022 (or expiration of your existent Second Step license, if earlier) (the ‘Display Term’).”

Eligible parents “must hold successful penning to comply with the presumption of this Special License, by signing successful the abstraction provided below, successful advance. LCPS volition clasp copies of the Eligible Parents’ signed agreements, and supply copies of them to CFC upon request.”

The Committee For Children did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

Loudoun County has go a focal constituent for CRT with parents attending schoolhouse committee meetings to inquire questions astir wherefore CRT, which based connected Marxist captious theory, is being taught successful schools. CRT, often billed nether the rubric of equity and radical justice, is rooted successful the thought that American institutions and systems are racist and dominated by achromatic supremacy.

Loudoun County School District told Fox News that students are unit are not indoctrinated with CRT.

“The interim superintendent has ne'er denied that captious contention mentation is discussed astatine Loudoun County Public Schools. What helium has stated is that students and unit are not indoctrinated into immoderate schoolhouse of thought oregon philosophy.”

Masooma Haq