LSU discovered $1M overpayment to Brian Kelly in 2022: auditor

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BATON ROUGE, La. — LSU accidentally overpaid Tigers shot manager Brian Kelly by $1 cardinal during the archetypal twelvemonth of a 10-year, $100 cardinal contract, but discovered the mistake and has moved to close it, the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s bureau said Wednesday.

Kelly was overpaid $1,001,368 successful supplemental payments successful 2022 due to the fact that duplicate payments made some to Kelly’s LLC and to the manager directly.

The treble payments began successful May and continued until LSU officials detected the errors successful November.

LSU manager  Brian KellyLSU manager Brian KellyGetty Images

“LSU absorption and the caput shot manager person enacted an adjusted outgo docket truthful the magnitude of overpayment volition beryllium recouped by the decision of fiscal twelvemonth 2023,” the Legislative Auditor’s study stated.

Kelly, who antecedently coached astatine Notre Dame for 12 seasons, was hired by LSU aft the 2021 season, erstwhile the Tigers went 6-7 for its archetypal losing play since 1999.

LSU exceeded expectations successful Kelly’s archetypal play successful Baton Rouge, winning the SEC West Division and finishing 10-4 aft a 63-7 triumph implicit Purdue successful the Citrus Bowl.