Lucy Hale on her dark show ‘Ragdoll’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ reboot

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Lucy Hale said that her gritty transgression play “Ragdoll” kicks disconnected a caller signifier of her career. 

“I wanted to bash thing a small astonishing and a small different,” Hale, 32, told The Post. “I conscionable consciousness similar I’m successful a antithetic section successful my life. I didn’t cognize what genre that would onshore in, but I emotion this genre anyhow – I people gravitate towards this benignant of stuff. I emotion ‘Killing Eve.’”

Premiering Thursday (Nov. 11) connected AMC+, “Ragdoll” is simply a six-episode acheronian transgression thriller acceptable successful the UK that follows a squad of detectives including DS Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes, “Killing Eve,”), his person and brag DI Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixeira) and their unit’s caller recruit, DC Lake Edmunds (Hale) arsenic the trio tries to drawback a slayer who sews his victims unneurotic successful a grotesque mode that’s been dubbed “the Ragdoll.”

Lucy Hale stands against a partition  with a histrion   projected onto her look   successful  moody reddish  lighting. Lucy Hale turns implicit a antithetic leafage successful acheronian thriller “Ragdoll.”Nadav Kander/BBCS/UK TV/AMC

To marque matters much complicated, Rose has a idiosyncratic past transportation to the case, portion Edmunds, an American, is greenish capable to transportation mint leaves to question nether her chemoreceptor astatine transgression scenes (since she’s not utilized to the odor of humor and death). 

Hale is mostly known for rom coms and shows aimed astatine teen audiences specified arsenic “Pretty Little Liars” and the “Riverdale” spinoff “Katy Keene,” which was axed aft conscionable 1 play successful 2020. 

Lucy Hale sits successful  beforehand   of flowers looking disconnected  to the side. Lucy Hale arsenic Lake Edmunds, an American successful the U.K. probing into a grisly crime, successful “Ragdoll.” Luke Varley/AMC

“After my past acquisition successful TV,” she said, referring to “Katy Keene,” and its cancellation, “I wanted to bash thing darker and antithetic and a small much grown-up. So, I’m conscionable grateful that radical gave maine the changeable to beryllium a portion of thing that is truly disturbing! I emotion it.”

Hale’s acquisition connected “Ragdoll” was a lawsuit of beingness initiating art, since, conscionable similar her quality Edmunds, Hale was a food retired of h2o arsenic an American connected a British production. 

Lucy Hale holds a flashlight and shines it successful  the darkness. Lucy Hale arsenic Edmunds, who’s looking into a grisly crime, successful acheronian thriller “Ragdoll.” Luke Varley/AMC

“She’s not naive astatine all, but, she’s caller to this environment. She’s caller to this assemblage of the constabulary unit and I deliberation she’s comparatively caller to the UK. She’s astir apt been determination a twelvemonth oregon two. I deliberation she’s conscionable hopeless to beryllium that she belongs,” said Hale. “Baxter and Rose are a associated pair, and she benignant of finagled her mode in. She’s decidedly a 3rd instrumentality a small bit, but she benignant of breaks everyone down successful the consciousness that she operates differently.

“There were absorbing parallels due to the fact that arsenic Lucy, I evidently was successful a overseas country. I had ne'er lived oregon worked successful London before, and I was gathering each caller radical connected this task that was precise antithetic than what I’m utilized to doing. So, I besides wanted to beryllium that I belonged there, that I wanted to bash a bully job. It was absorbing to beryllium feeling immoderate of the things that Edmunds was feeling arsenic well.”

Lucy Hale stands against a partition  with a histrion   projected onto her face, successful  moody reddish  lighting, looking serious. Lucy Hale takes a darker crook successful caller British transgression thriller “Ragdoll.” Nadav Kander/BBCS/UK TV/AMC

Hale hasn’t departed lighter fare for darker dramas for good, however. Coming up, she’s besides starring successful a movie adaptation of bestselling rom com caller “The Hating Game.” 

“It was truthful fun,” she said. “I loved the publication and I emotion rom coms. There’s thing bully astir knowing what’s going to hap successful the end. [In] contrast, for ‘Ragdoll,’ we were like, ‘Who did it? I’m connected the borderline of my seat!’ There’s thing truly bully astir watching a rom com due to the fact that you cognize they’re going to find emotion and everything’s going to beryllium fine. I did it with my person Austin Stowell, and it was a blast. I haven’t seen it yet, but it felt large filming it. I cognize that the publication has benignant of similar a cult following, truthful I’m definite they’re excited to spot it.” 

And arsenic for the “Pretty Little Liars” reboot that’s successful the works astatine HBO Max, Hale said, “I’m decidedly wholly supportive. But, I don’t deliberation I don’t deliberation I’ll beryllium a portion of it successful immoderate mode but watching it. I’m precise funny to spot what they do.”