Magic Johnson: Dysfunctional Lakers have ‘team issue and basketball issue’

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Even Magic Johnson is precise disquieted astir the Lakers.

Los Angeles and its revamped roster is disconnected to an disfigured 0-2 start, aft losing to the defending Western Conference champion Phoenix Suns astatine Staples Center connected Friday night. The Lakers were down 32 successful the 3rd 4th and starting warring amongst themselves and with fans successful the 115-105 defeat.

“The @Lakers person squad contented and a hoops issue,” Johnson tweeted Friday.

Big men Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard got into a heated shoving lucifer connected the Los Angeles seat with the squad struggling during the mediate quarters. Also Rajon Rondo confronted a heckling fan, who was yet ejected for slapping distant the constituent guard’s hand.

Johnson, who won 5 titles with the Lakers and precocious served arsenic their president of hoops operations, doesn’t similar what he’s seeing 1 bit.

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“Dwight Howard and AD got into a carnal altercation connected the seat … successful my 42 years of being associated with the Lakers organization, I’ve ne'er seen thing similar that smh.”

The Lakers, who were besides 0-6 successful the preseason, are conscionable 2 seasons removed from winning an NBA title successful LeBron James’ archetypal twelvemonth successful LA.

They nevertheless took the hazard this offseason of adding aging veterans specified has Howard, Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbook to go the oldest squad successful the NBA (30.9 years) this season. Los Angles besides has lacked a accordant 3-point shooter. Only clip volition archer if this Friday nighttime was an aberration oregon the commencement of an disfigured play for the Lakers that Johnson seems to fear.