‘Makes No Sense’: Southwest Airlines Says It Won’t Fire Workers Who Don’t Get COVID Vaccine

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Southwest Airlines’ CEO said the institution volition not occurrence employees who bash not get the COVID-19 vaccine by Dec. 9 pursuing a Biden medication mandate that was announced past period for national contractors.

In a connection to quality outlets Friday, the Dallas-based bearer confirmed to Fox News it does not privation to “lose immoderate employee” implicit President Joe Biden’s mandate, adding that firing a idiosyncratic implicit the vaccine “makes nary sense.” It came a time aft Southwest CEO Gary Kelly made a akin announcement during an net call.

“This is an evolving process moving with the authorities successful presumption of what they expect, and precise clearly, we wanted our employees to cognize that cipher is going to suffer their occupation connected December the 9th if we’re not perfectly successful compliance,” Kelly said, according to quality reports. The Epoch Times has contacted Southwest for comment.

“It is simply a enactment successful progress, and we’re going to proceed moving successful bully religion to conscionable the requirements of the enforcement order. But I’ve already said, and I’m definite you’ve heard, we’re not going to occurrence anybody who doesn’t get vaccinated,” helium continued.

Biden’s mandate volition commencement connected Dec. 8, requiring national contractors to marque definite their workers are vaccinated. Employees tin beryllium granted a aesculapian oregon spiritual exemption.

But Kelly’s and Southwest’s announcements this week people a reversal successful the carrier’s vaccination stance. Earlier this month, Southwest stated that workers would person to beryllium afloat vaccinated oregon person an exemption to “continue employment with the airline” after it conducted a “thorough reappraisal of President Biden’s COVID Action Plan and determined that the carrier’s contracts with the U.S. authorities necessitate afloat compliance with the national vaccination directive.”

Also connected Thursday, Southwest said successful its quarterly results that it mislaid immoderate $75 cardinal aft thousands of flights were canceled and delayed earlier this month. The steadfast blamed the upwind and unspecified staffing issues, though determination was wide speculation that pilots and different employees walked retired implicit the vaccine requirement.

“I’m not going to occurrence anybody,” Kelly told CNBC Thursday aft the quarterly results were released.

Hundreds of workers and others besides demonstrated extracurricular Southwest’s Dallas office connected Monday, demanding an extremity to the vaccination requirement.

Earlier successful October, Southwest’s pilot’s national filed a suit against the company, arguing that the COVID-19 changeable could trigger imaginable career-ending side-effects for pilots.  In tribunal filings implicit the weekend, Southwest asked a justice to disregard the suit and said an injunction against its vaccine mandate could perchance harm its business.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said this week that unvaccinated workers besides volition not beryllium fired by the Dec. 9 mandate, saying the institution volition “work with” those who haven’t got the shot.

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