Man Accused of Stealing Over $500,000 in Merchandise in California Arrested

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A suspected serial burglar who allegedly stole items crossed California worthy much than $500,000 was arrested by Brea constabulary July 27.

Detectives located 28-year-old Devon Taylor astatine a residence successful Ontario and arrested him for 1 of the aggregate thefts helium has allegedly committed, according to the Brea Police Department.

In Brea alone, Taylor has allegedly stolen thousands of dollars, with his astir caller worthy implicit $70,000 successful fragrances, authorities say.

Although helium has lone been charged by Brea constabulary with 1 theft, prosecution volition beryllium seeking to complaint him for more, Brea constabulary Lt. Chris Harvey told The Epoch Times.

Several different unnamed agencies are besides investigating Taylor, according to Harvey.

These agencies volition beryllium seeking to adhd charges to the lawsuit filed against Taylor done the Superior Court of Orange County oregon filing caller cases, Harvey said.

According to arrest records, Taylor has been arrested 19 times successful his life. As a San Francisco resident, astir of Taylor’s arrests were made there.

The archetypal apprehension dates backmost to Feb. 4, 2015, erstwhile San Francisco constabulary recovered him successful possession of burglar’s tools, concealing stolen property, and taking a conveyance without the owner’s consent.

Since then, his arrests person been linked to home maltreatment charges, petty theft, usurpation of parole, and misuse of fake identification.

Lt. Harvey said these cases mostly trust connected close and timely reports made by store victims to drawback thieves close away.

Store argumentation tin besides impact erstwhile and however thefts are reported to the police, which tin dilatory down the process of catching criminals, helium said.

Taylor is presently being held successful the Orange County Jail without bail. His adjacent tribunal day is Aug 8 astatine the North Justice Center successful Fullerton, according to the jail’s website.

Julianne Foster