Man charged with murder of Tory MP David Amess

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Prosecutors person charged a antheral with the execution of Conservative MP Sir David Amess and the mentation of violent acts.

Ali Harbi Ali, 25, was charged with execution implicit Amess’s decease past Friday successful Leigh-on-Sea successful Essex, arsenic portion of an probe led by Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command.

The Crown Prosecution Service said it would reason to the tribunal that the execution had “a violent connection, namely that it had some spiritual and ideological motivations”.

Amess, 69, was the MP for Southend West and was repeatedly stabbed conscionable aft midday connected Friday 15 October during a country for his constituents.

He died successful the religion wherever the country was being held aft being attacked by a idiosyncratic who constabulary said they believed was acting alone.

A British nationalist was arrested astatine the country and a weapon recovered, constabulary said. They added that they were not seeking anyone other successful transportation with the attack.

Announcing the charges against Ali, who is from northbound London, Nick Price, the caput of the CPS peculiar transgression and counter-terrorism division, said: “We volition taxable to the tribunal that this execution has a violent connection, namely that it had some spiritual and ideological motivations.

“He has besides been charged with the mentation of violent acts. This follows a reappraisal of the grounds gathered by the Metropolitan constabulary successful its investigation.”

Ali Harbi Ali.
Ali Harbi Ali. Photograph: Unknown

Amess’s sidesplitting sparked daze and outrage arsenic good arsenic a reappraisal of information for MPs.

The adjunct commissioner Matt Jukes, who leads Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command, said: “I privation to nonstop my deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Sir David Amess, who died truthful tragically past Friday.

“Sir David’s dedication to his family, his constituents and his community, and his affirmative interaction connected the lives of truthful galore has shone through.

“Today’s complaint is simply a important milestone successful the case, but the enactment from my colleagues successful the Met’s counter-terrorism bid volition proceed apace.

“There has been sizeable speculation successful the media astir the background, past and information of the antheral present charged.

“I recognize the immense level of nationalist involvement successful this case, but present a complaint has been brought, it is vitally important that everyone exercises restraint erstwhile commenting connected it publicly, to guarantee aboriginal tribunal proceedings are not prejudiced successful immoderate way.”

The CPS added: “The relation of the CPS is not to determine whether a idiosyncratic is blameworthy of a transgression offence, but to marque fair, autarkic and nonsubjective assessments astir whether it is due to contiguous charges for a transgression tribunal to consider.

“The CPS appraisal of immoderate lawsuit is not successful immoderate consciousness a uncovering of, oregon accusation of, immoderate guilt oregon transgression conduct. It is not a uncovering of fact, which tin lone beryllium made by a court, but alternatively an appraisal of what it mightiness beryllium imaginable to beryllium to a court, successful accordance with the codification for crown prosecutors.

“Some offences, including murder, tin beryllium classed arsenic having ‘a violent connection’ to guarantee the transgression charges decently bespeak the behaviour concerned.

“In these cases the individuals person had political, spiritual radical and/or ideological motivations down their crime.”

Following Amess’s death, constabulary person contacted MPs to reappraisal their security.

Amess’s household visited Belfairs methodist religion successful Leigh-on-Sea, wherever the seasoned MP of 38 years’ work was attacked and died.

In a tribute his household said: “We are enormously arrogant of him. Our hearts are shattered. However, determination was inactive truthful overmuch David wanted to bash – this we cognize from the events of the past fewer days.”

They besides called for little rancour and much unity successful nine arsenic they praised the backbencher: “Strong and courageous is an due mode to picture David. He was a patriot and a antheral of peace. So, we inquire radical to acceptable speech their differences and amusement kindness and emotion to all. This is the lone mode forward. Set speech hatred and enactment towards togetherness.

“Whatever one’s race, spiritual oregon governmental beliefs, beryllium tolerant and effort to understand. As a family, we are trying to recognize wherefore this atrocious happening has occurred. Nobody should dice successful that way. Nobody.

“Please fto immoderate bully travel from this tragedy. We are perfectly broken, but we volition past and transportation connected for the involvement of a fantastic and inspiring man.”

Ali volition marque his archetypal tribunal quality connected Thursday afternoon, and has been successful custody since past Friday.