Man Died From Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine: New Zealand Coroner

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The decease of Rory Nairn, a New Zealand plumber, was caused by myocarditis stemming from the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, a coroner confirmed.

Nairn, 26, died connected Nov. 17, 2021, conscionable 12 days aft receiving the archetypal dose of the vaccine.

Coroner Sue Johnson led an inquest into the origin of Nairn’s decease and publically released the findings connected Tuesday.

“The origin of [Nairn’s] decease was myocarditis, owed to vaccination with the ComirnatyTM Pfizer/BioN Tech COVID-19 vaccine,” she said.

Johnson utilized grounds based connected adept findings by pathologist Noelyn Hung, who said the nonstop origin of Nairn’s decease was “acute myocarditis,” according to NZ Herald.

“[Hung] saw that it was not caused by Rory having rheumatic fever oregon by corruption arsenic determination was nary motion of a bacteria, microorganism oregon fungi,” Johnson said.

“She besides excluded each different known imaginable causes of myocarditis, for example, certain medicines specified arsenic the anti-psychotic medications clozapine and risperidone which tin origin myocarditis.”

Johnson accepted Hung’s aesculapian sentiment that the myocarditis was caused by the vaccine, arsenic determination was an lack of immoderate different origin aft galore tests.

But Johnson said the enquiry into Nairn’s decease had “not yet concluded,” and she inactive had to find whether it could person been prevented and if immoderate recommendations were required.

Nairn Not Warned of Myocarditis Risks

The enquiry heard that Nairn reported his thorax feeling weird the nighttime helium received the jab, besides mentioning having bosom flutters successful the days following. But helium believed it to beryllium caused by the accent of his forthcoming wedding and the purchasing of a caller home.

On the nighttime of his death, Nairn collapsed successful the bath soon aft readying to spell to the hospital. Emergency services were called, but helium could not beryllium resuscitated.

The pharmacist who vaccinated Nairn told the enquiry that helium had not been warned of the hazard of myocarditis from the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

The Ministry of Health said it had issued warnings that outlined the hazard of myocarditis arsenic a uncommon broadside effect of the vaccine.

But the manager of the pharmacy wherever Nairn got vaccinated criticised the ministry for putting myocarditis accusation successful tiny slug points.

She said aesculapian professionals had been informed astir myocarditis, but she had missed the informing nether the sheer measurement of accusation received.

“As soon arsenic we were notified, each practices were changed. It’s conscionable unfortunate that Mr Nairn had to walk distant for that to happen,” she said

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