Man Fatally Shot on New York Subway Train; Suspect at Large

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A NYPD conveyance  successful  New York connected  Feb. 17, 2019. (Mimi Nguyen Ly/The Epoch Times)

A NYPD conveyance successful New York connected Feb. 17, 2019. (Mimi Nguyen Ly/The Epoch Times)

NEW YORK—A antheral changeable and killed different rider connected a moving New York City subway bid Sunday greeting successful what constabulary officials said appeared to beryllium an unprovoked attack.

The shooting happened connected a Q bid traveling implicit the Manhattan Bridge astatine astir 11:40 a.m., a clip of time erstwhile subway cars are often filled with families, tourists, and radical headed to Sunday brunch.

Witnesses told constabulary the shooter was pacing the past car of the train, “and without provocation, pulled retired a weapon and fired it astatine the unfortunate astatine adjacent range,” said the NYPD’s Chief of Department, Kenneth Corey.

The 48-year-old unfortunate died astatine a hospital.

The shooter fled aft the bid arrived astatine the Canal Street presumption successful Manhattan. Police were reviewing information video to effort to place him. Corey told reporters astatine a briefing that portion the circumstances were inactive being investigated, witnesses couldn’t callback immoderate anterior interactions betwixt the gunman and the idiosyncratic helium shot.

Recent subway crimes person acceptable New Yorkers connected edge.

Last month, a antheral opened occurrence wrong a Brooklyn subway train, scattering random shots that wounded 10 people. The idiosyncratic charged successful that attack, Frank James, had posted dozens of online videos ranting astir race, violence, and his struggles with intelligence illness.

In January, a antheral suffering from schizophrenia fatally shoved a pistillate successful beforehand of a subway train. He was aboriginal recovered mentally unfit to basal trial.

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