Manhattan West — NYC’s latest luxury playground — finally opens

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Decades successful the making, the past portion of New York’s acold westbound broadside is yet here. Manhattan West, Brookfield’s sprawling, 8-acre, city-
within-a-city betwixt Ninth and Tenth avenues and West 30th and 33rd streets, officially opened precocious past period with luxe amenities, eateries, nationalist creation and 2.5 acres of unfastened space.

The lone residential portion of the improvement built by Brookfield itself is The Eugene astatine West 31st Street. The 62-story all-glass operation opened successful 2017, up of the remainder of the project, with 844 rental units. A fewer stay available, ranging from a $3,940/month workplace to a three-bedroom, two-bath asking $12,325/month. Building perks see a wellness center, a stone climbing wall, a hoops court, an arcade, play classes and favored grooming.

Outside of Manhattan West, but adjacent to each the fun, the aptly named The West, astatine 47th and 11th Avenue, launched past twelvemonth and volition soon open. Created by improvement concern CBSK Ironstate and designed by the renowned Dutch steadfast Concrete, the 12-story, 222-unit condo boasts its ain enactment haven: the rooftop Tar Beach Pool Club, wherever residents tin aquatics oregon chill successful backstage cabanas. Penthouse 8 astatine the gathering — a two-bed, two-bath — is presently connected the marketplace for $2.74 million. The country dispersed features floor-to-ceiling solid windows and a terrace disconnected the superior chamber suite.

A surviving  country   astatine  the Eugene.A surviving country astatine The Eugene, portion of the recently opened Manhattan West. Don Pearse
Terrace astatine  the West.A $2.74 cardinal penthouse astatine The West offers its ain terrace and entree to the rooftop Tar Beach Pool Club.vuwstudio

But precocious rollers request lone look arsenic acold arsenic Hudson Yards, which blends seamlessly into Manhattan West. Penthouse 90 astatine 35 Hudson Yards is currently listed for $54.5 million — $4.5 cardinal little than erstwhile it deed the marketplace successful April. Weighing successful astatine an unthinkable 10,171 quadrate feet, with 5 bedrooms and six afloat bathrooms, it takes a more-is-more attack to luxury. Think: French oak floors, a 1,000-square-foot large room, 14-foot ceilings, sprawling terraces, a library, backstage gym and media room.

Go West, indeed.

1,000-square-foot large  country   successful  Penthouse 90 astatine  35 Hudson Yards.The 1,000-square-foot large country successful Penthouse 90 astatine 35 Hudson Yards.© Colin Miller