Marcus Maye’s injury situation only made worse by agent’s contract blunder

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A analyzable twelvemonth for Marcus Maye got a batch much analyzable erstwhile it took a unspeakable crook connected Thursday nighttime successful Indianapolis.

When the Jets’ 28-year-old fifth-year information folded to the Lucas Oil Stadium end-zone turf successful the 3rd 4th of the Jets’ 45-30 nonaccomplishment to the Colts, helium hadn’t adjacent been hit. Non-contact injuries are often the scariest and astir serious.

Maye, the longest-tenured subordinate connected the squad and a captain, tore his Achilles tendon, ending his play and perchance his vocation with the Jets acknowledgment to what appears to beryllium irresponsible vocation proposal from his agent.

Had Maye agreed to the declaration hold the Jets offered him successful the offseason, which would person paid him astir $11 cardinal per year, helium wouldn’t find himself successful the unsettling no-man’s onshore he’s successful now.

Maye, who is playing connected a $10.6 cardinal franchise tag this season, present volition participate 2022 with nary semipermanent information and arsenic damaged goods coming disconnected a superior wounded and with an off-field contented that could effect successful a multi-game league suspension.

It is not known whether it was Maye who rejected the Jets’ latest contract connection earlier being fixed the franchise tag oregon whether it was his agent, Erik Burkhardt. But the emblematic player-agent dynamic is the subordinate lets the cause negotiate.

It’s believed that Maye wanted to beryllium paid a small much than $12 cardinal a twelvemonth and the Jets compared him contractually to John Johnson, who was signed by the Browns to a three-year, $33 cardinal free-agent contract.

Marcus MayeMarcus Maye is helped disconnected the tract aft injuring his Achilles against the Colts. AP

Several attempts by The Post to scope Burkhardt via texts and calls this week to clarify his reasoning went unanswered.

What makes immoderate proposal Burkhardt gave Maye adjacent much appalling is the information that Maye was arrested for DUI successful February and didn’t archer the Jets about it until that apprehension was made nationalist connected Oct. 4. Only past did helium scurry into the offices of caput manager Robert Saleh and wide manager Joe Douglas to explicate what had happened.

That was a 1 large mistake compounded by different 1 connected the portion of Maye.

The bigger mistake, though, was Burkhardt knowing determination was an $11 million-per-year connection connected the array with his lawsuit dealing with a DUI incidental that the Jets didn’t adjacent cognize about, and not taking the woody to unafraid Maye’s future.

That’s thing abbreviated of player-agent malpractice.

It was an irresponsible rotation of the dice astatine the clip and present that this unspeakable wounded has sacked Maye for the remainder of the season, those dice person travel up snake eyes.

Burkhardt wasn’t finished with his questionable tactics. With Maye rumored to beryllium connected the trading artifact arsenic the deadline neared, the information injured his ankle successful aboriginal October and Burkhardt took to Twitter to archer the satellite that Maye “should beryllium backmost afloat steadfast conscionable earlier the commercialized deadline,” adding a handshake emoji.

If I were Maye I’d person been infuriated, but erstwhile asked astir it aboriginal helium laughed it disconnected and said, “I don’t person immoderate power implicit his phone.”

With each of that said astir Maye and his analyzable situation, this indispensable beryllium mentioned: There isn’t a idiosyncratic successful the Jets gathering who doesn’t curse by Maye’s quality and what helium means to this squad arsenic a idiosyncratic and a player.

At the apical of that database are Saleh and Douglas, who you could reason should person been ticked disconnected that Maye kept his apprehension from them until it became public.

Saleh said aft the Colts crippled helium was “sick’’ for Maye, knowing the ramifications of this wounded to the player’s fiscal future.

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen this communicative 1 excessively galore times successful this league and it’s ne'er bully — it sucks,’’ Saleh said Friday. “But the 1 happening with Marcus is helium is simply a young man, helium has a tremendous mindset and he’s made of grit. His ride’s not over. His story’s not over. I cognize it hurts now, but he’ll travel backmost from this.’’

JetsMarcus Maye makes a tackle against the ColtsUSA Todays Sports

Jets antiaircraft coordinator Jeff Ulbrich, a erstwhile player, called the Maye concern “heartbreaking,’’ talking astir however helium “came into enactment each time and worked his ass disconnected unselfishly.’’

Of course, Maye made a dumb mistake with the DUI. But with that DUI hanging implicit his caput and the squad unaware if it, however is it imaginable that Burkhardt didn’t counsel Maye to instrumentality the $11 cardinal per?

No tenable statement tin beryllium made to quality that the cause did his lawsuit a disservice here. And that’s a shame, due to the fact that present it looks arsenic if Maye mightiness beryllium different successful a agelong database of precocious draught picks to permission the Jets excessively soon.

“This is the spot that gave maine an accidental to unrecorded my imagination 5 years ago,’’ Maye told the Jets website recently.

That imagination took a debilitating deed Thursday night.