Marcus Smart calls out Celtics stars after brutal meltdown

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Marcus Smart seems fed up with the Celtics’ isolation-heavy offense, which often leaves him “standing successful the corner.”

After Chicago handed Boston its 3rd consecutive nonaccomplishment astatine location connected Monday, 128-114, Smart called retired teammates Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to “pass the ball” more.

“Every squad knows we’re going to Jayson [Tatum] and Jaylen [Brown], and each squad is programmed and studies to halt Jayson and Jaylen,” Smart said. “I deliberation everybody’s scouting study is to marque those guys effort and walk the ball. They don’t privation to walk the shot and that’s thing that they’re going to learn.”

Smart went connected to explicate wherefore he’s constricted successful helping amended the Celtics’ discourtesy aft a 2-5 commencement successful Ime Udoka’s archetypal play arsenic coach.

“There’s lone truthful overmuch I tin bash without the shot successful my hands, I conscionable basal successful the corner,” helium said. “When we’re moving plays for your champion players, each squad knows that and they bash a bully occupation of shutting that down.

Marcus Smart plays against the Bulls connected  Nov. 1, 2021.Marcus Smart plays against the Bulls connected Nov. 1, 2021.USA TODAY Sports

“We can’t let that, erstwhile they unopen that down we can’t support trying to spell to those guys, we gotta abort that and find them different mode to get them the shot successful spots that they request the ball. And similar I said for me, I tin lone bash truthful overmuch lasting successful the corner, oregon erstwhile I travel up and springiness the shot away.”

Brown and Tatum, who combined for 48 points, started beardown against the Bulls, but fizzled precocious successful the game. Tatum recorded 2 points successful the 4th connected 1-for-8 shooting, portion Brown went scoreless connected 2 shots.

“They’re inactive learning and we’re arrogant of the advancement they are making, but they are going to person to marque different measurement and find ways to not lone make for themselves but make for others connected this team,” said Smart, who finished with 16 points and a azygous rebound.

Chicago rallied backmost from a 19-point shortage successful the 2nd fractional astatine TD Garden, wherever Celtics fans booed their location team. Chicago outscored Boston 39-11 successful the 4th fourth to flip a 14-point shortage into a 14-point victory.

Jayson Tatum against the Bulls connected  Nov. 1, 2021.Jayson Tatum against the Bulls connected Nov. 1, 2021.USA TODAY Sports

“To unfastened up the tribunal for them aboriginal successful the crippled wherever they don’t ever person to instrumentality those pugnacious shots oregon instrumentality pugnacious matchups erstwhile they bash get the 1-on-1 and spot a trap,” Smart said. “Just speechmaking that It’s thing that we’ve been asking for them to bash and they’re learning. We conscionable got to proceed to assistance those guys bash that and assistance our team.”

The Celtics sojourn the Magic connected Wednesday.