Margaret Cho Kicks Off ‘The Sound Of Pride’ With A Message For Everyone: ‘Fight For Queer Rights’ (Exclusive)

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It’s Pride Month! Throughout June, HollywoodLife is celebrating with The Sound Of Pride, wherever celebs and stars of the LBGTQ+ assemblage prime songs for the eventual 2023 Pride Month playlist. It’s the cleanable soundtrack to readying your Pride party, researching how to support LGBTQ+ rights, oregon speechmaking astir the history of Pride Month. Helping america footwear the 2023 installment of the bid disconnected is Margaret Cho, beloved comedian, commentator, and 2023 LA Pride Parade’s Icon Grand Marshal.

Margaret Cho (Albert Sanchez)

Margaret Cho keeps it abbreviated and straightforward erstwhile asked if she has a Pride 2023 message. “Fight for queer rights,” the drama icon tells HollywoodLife, on with her picks for The Sound of Pride. As Margaret explained to Today’s Alexander Kacala in 2021, she’s been surrounded by queerness for astir of her life, ever since her parents bought a bookstore successful San Francisco’s cheery neighborhood, the Castro District, successful 1978. Margaret, who identifies arsenic bisexual/pansexual, says being surrounded by “drag queens, go-go boys, and porn stars,” arsenic Kacala enactment it, helped pass and animate her.

It’s wherefore successful 2023, she tells HL that “pride feels much urgent and needed. We person to basal up for our rights similar ne'er before.” As the ACLU has tracked, determination are 491 anti-LGBTQ bills successful U.S. authorities legislatures. These bills, similar the 1 Missouri passed, severely restricting gender-affirming care to adults, scope from preventing trans students from participating successful schoolhouse activities to weakening nondiscrimination laws to limiting entree to LBGTQ contented (like resistance bans and removing books from libraries.)

(Albert Sanchez)

That’s wherefore “fighting for queer rights” is connected Margaret’s docket for June — and each period aft that. She volition besides enactment successful the 2023 LA Pride Parade arsenic this year’s Icon Grand Marshal. “I person been attending Pride celebrations since 1978,” she says astir the appointment, “and this clip around, the request to observe arsenic good arsenic unite is much urgent than it has ever been. Our emotion is greater than their hate.”

Margaret volition besides walk June connected the roadworthy connected her LIVE & LIVID tour. Check retired present for dates. And spot beneath for her selections for The Sound of Pride.

Sam Smith ft. Kim Petras, “Unholy”

“It’s truly the opus of the play and perfectly prideful.”

Tina Turner, “Let’s Stay Together”

“The legend…a tribute and a blessing for america to proceed to enactment unneurotic arsenic a community.”

Cher, “Believe”

“The gayest cheery anthem of each time.”

(Albert Sanchez)

HollywoodLife: Pride is simply a clip to observe unsung heroes. Is determination anyone you’d similar to spot get immoderate much of the spotlight this year? 

Margaret Cho: Scott Thompson has been an icon for queer drama since the aboriginal 80s with The Kids successful the Hall. He’s a existent pioneer and a bona fide comedic genius arsenic good arsenic a adjacent friend. He was retired erstwhile retired was out. So overmuch respect for him.

Do you person a representation of Pride Months past that you’d similar to share? Or a akin infinitesimal of Pride, erstwhile you felt triumph and/or acceptance? 

The roar of the Dykes connected Bikes opening the procession ever brings maine to tears.

What bash you person planned for June (and the remainder of 2023?) 

Fighting for queer rights.

Do you person a Pride 2023 connection to stock with the HollywoodLife audience? 

Fight for queer rights.

Keep checking HollywoodLife passim June for much entries successful The Sound of Pride and further Pride Month coverage. 

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