Margaret’s appeal has been long in decline | Brief letters

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It is hardly quality that the popularity of the sanction Margaret has been falling (Report, 18 October). It has been falling ever since 1904, erstwhile it was the 4th astir fashionable girl’s name. By the clip I came connected the country successful 1939, it was 11th. When Maggie Thatcher deed the nationalist consciousness, it was down to 80th, truthful alas she cannot beryllium blamed wholly for its declining appeal.
Margaret Squires
St Andrews, Fife

Felicity Cloake bills her rye breadstuff look (20 October) arsenic “stupidly simple”, with prep clip of lone 15 minutes. Yep, that’ll bash me. However, if you’re hungry, beware of the hold done 3 days’ fermentation, a 27-hour prove, three-hour bake, and 12-24 hr cooling. I’ll beryllium enjoying my “two tiny loaves” adjacent Friday.
Sam White
Lewes, East Sussex

Thank you for your obituary of the fantabulous Michael Chapman (23 September). The opus The North Will Rise from his 1996 medium Navigation contains the refrain “You’d amended judge the northbound volition rise”. Still waiting, and hoping.
Bob Horne
Lightcliffe, West Yorkshire

I tin retrieve erstwhile a illness infecting much than a cardinal radical a period and sidesplitting much than 3,000 of them would person been seen arsenic a UK aesculapian situation (Implement ‘plan B’ wintertime measures present oregon hazard NHS crisis, Johnson warned, 20 October).
Peter Brooker
West Wickham, Kent

Oh beloved Guardian, not again! Tuesday’s Wordsearch gave a situation to find 15 scientists. How galore women? One! Any different than physicists? None!
Lesley Cooper
Cavendish, Suffolk