Mariah Carey’s cheery, new song wants you to ‘Fall in Love at Christmas’

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Mariah Carey Mariah Carey's "Fall successful Love astatine Christmas" features Khalid and Kirk Franklin. YouTube/Mariah Carey

The long-awaited vacation azygous of the twelvemonth is here, sung by the Christmas Queen herself: Mariah Carey.

After teasing the caller song connected Twitter earlier this week, Carey released “Fall successful Love astatine Christmas” — featuring Khalid and Kirk Franklin — connected Friday.

The azygous came arsenic a package, implicit with an accompanying euphony video that features Carey frolicking successful the snow, filmed astatine her location and astatine the Butterfly Lounge successful Los Angeles.

The caller vacation tune was met with enactment and joyousness online, arsenic listeners flocked to perceive close arsenic the timepiece struck midnight.

“I’m truthful happy,” tweeted 1 instrumentality successful response. “There are not capable words. Everything has been chaotic & overwhelming. @MariahCarey ur euphony has gotten maine done truthful much. You wrote the soundtrack for truthful galore of our lives. It means a lot.”

Mariah CareyCarey’s newest azygous came implicit with a video connected Nov. 5.YouTube/Mariah Carey

Every different christmastide opus creator conscionable can't vie with mariah carey

— Yexy🌎☄️💕® (@dotYexy) November 5, 2021

“This has been connected repetition since it came out, and this opus delivers large time! That nostalgic, romanticist feeling to it but yet it’s caller and new, that gospel influence, those vocals, and those looks,” tweeted different listener.

The caller R&B and gospel fusion azygous was written and produced by Carey, Franklin and Daniel Moore II and was recorded successful some Atlanta and Los Angeles. The euphony video was released by Carey’s imprint MARIAH successful concern with RCA Records.

The archetypal and lone show of “Fall successful Love astatine Christmas” volition premiere connected AppleTV+ successful a vacation lawsuit titled “Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues” successful December.

Mariah CareyCarey filmed portion of the video astatine her home, decorated with fake snow.YouTube/Mariah Carey

It’s nary concealed that Christmas is Carey’s favourite holiday, which is wherefore the virtual lawsuit volition beryllium followed up by “Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special.”

Carey is astir known for her perennial, record-breaking vacation deed “All I Want for Christmas is You,” which is already successful the apical 200 connected the Billboard charts.

Mariah CareyCarey is performing the opus for the archetypal and lone clip connected an AppleTV+ special.YouTube/Mariah Carey