Martellus Bennett: Patriots lost game due to Jimmy Garoppolo ‘being a bitch’

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Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t permission the champion content connected Martellus Bennett.

Though Garoppolo lone started 2 games astatine backmost with the Patriots portion Bennett was determination successful 2016 and 2017, his nonaccomplishment to combat done wounded successful Week 4 of the erstwhile play — erstwhile Tom Brady was suspended for Deflategate — inactive has Bennett riled up.

“Bro, we mislaid 2 games [that season],” Bennett said connected the “Double Coverage with The McCourty Twins” podcast connected Thursday. “One of them was due to the fact that Jimmy Garoppolo was being a bitch. He decided not to play close earlier the game. Jacoby [Brissett] came retired and played with a f–ked up thumb and played his bosom out, but Jimmy was conscionable being a bitch astir it all.”

The Patriots were held scoreless by the Bills successful that crippled earlier recovering to triumph the Super Bowl aboriginal that year.

“You can’t triumph with a bitch for quarterback, archetypal of all,” Bennett said. “That was the full happening with him. He didn’t privation to travel retired and bash thing due to the fact that his cause was trying to support his assemblage oregon immoderate s-t similar that. Which, I can’t responsibility him for that. But like, you should person made that determination connected Thursday. Now it’s Sunday.

New England Patriots backmost   Jimmy Garoppolo (10) assists New England Patriots choky  extremity  Martellus Bennett (88) with his enarthrosis  pads Martellus Bennett doesn’t look to person a batch of emotion for Jimmy Garoppolo years aft their Patriots’ tenure ended.The Boston Globe via Getty Images

“So anyways, he’s not going retired there, truthful present Jacoby straps up and we mislaid to the Buffalo Bills. We shouldn’t person lost. It was conscionable last-minute, trying to marque adjustments for what Jacoby could do.”

The adjacent year, Garoppolo was successful San Francisco, having played good successful what amounted to a two-game audition with New England.

It mightiness person helped the Patriots to person him successful that crippled against Buffalo, but fixed they went connected to triumph the Super Bowl and Garoppolo got a starting occupation and a large contract, we’ll telephone it h2o nether the bridge.